RefurbMe is the smartest way to shop and monitor Apple® refurbished products

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Apple® Refurb Store benefits

Up to 40% discounts

Get Apple-certified computers and media players at once-in-a-lifetime prices

One-year warranty

Each unit is covered by Apple Store’s standard one-year limited warranty

Fully tested products

Each product goes through a stringent Apple quality refurbishment process

Billed & shipped by Apple

Products are handled by the best supply chain process in the world

Problems that we are solving

First come, First served

You have to act fast to get the right product while it is in stock

You don’t have a crystal ball

You don't know which products will be available when the store is stocked

Our solutions

SMS, email and iOS notification to track the products you want

Full history of Apple Refurb availabilities

...also available on iPhone

Easily monitor and shop for all Apple refurbished products