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iPad Pro 2018: Price, Specs, Features, and Battery Life

During its major announcement event on October 30, 2018, Apple showed off lots of new products. Along with the MacBook Air 2018, it also showed off its premium, high-end tablet, the new iPad Pro 2018.

This made the new iPad Pro the sixth new product revealed by Apple this year including the iPhone XS/XS Max/XR and the MacBook Pro 2018 it announced earlier in the year.

Apple was already renowned for the quality of its iPad Pro tablets. The first-generation iPad Pro (released in 2015) and the second-generation iPad Pro (released in 2017) had become must-have devices for professionals and creatives working on the go. And with the iPad Pro 2018, the third generation of the Pro tablet, Apple has again focused on the mobile worker and those who want greater power and performance from their tablets.

Read on for the full rundown of the new iPad Pros specs and hardware, its battery life, features, how much it costs and when it will be available as refurbished.

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iPad Pro 2018 Screen Size and Resolution

The iPad Pro 2018 is available in two sizes: there is an 11-inch iPad Pro and a 12.9-inch version of the new tablet. Other than size, the two displays share the same specs.

Both versions feature liquid Retina displays that are LED-backlit and feature multi-touch. The 11-inch display is 2388 x 1668 pixels with 264 pixels per inch (ppi) and the 12.9-inch display is 2732 x 2048 pixels and also has 264 pixels per inch (ppi). Likewise, both tablets have True Tone displays (the lighting adjusts based on the environment), a fingerprint-resistant coating, an antireflective coating, and have 1.8% reflectivity.

If you’re well-versed on the specs of the older iPad Pro model, you will notice that the iPad Pro 2018 sizes are slightly larger than that of the previous generations. The second generation tablet was available as a 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch version. The 11-inch version of the iPad Pro 2018 replaces the 10.5-inch.

iPad Pro 2018 Technical Specs

The screen size and resolution aren’t the only specs worth writing home about, however, as the new iPad Pro packs some very impressive hardware under the hood.

The new tablet has 6GB of RAM which means that your device will be able to run much faster and is better equipped to handle power-intensive tasks. For multi-taskers, the core audience of the iPad Pro, this is massively helpful. It means that you can have several apps open at once and they will all work smoothly instead of slowing down performance and making the apps seem sluggish and laggy.

This great amount of RAM is paired up with Apple’s new A12X Bionic chip and octa-core processors. This larger number of processors also helps the iPad handle your multi-tasking as well as the performance of 3D games and apps, the performance of your camera and more.

Speaking of cameras, the new iPad Pro offers a 12-megapixel rear camera and a 7-megapixel selfie camera. The rear camera is capable of recording video at 2160p@30/60fps, 1080p@30/60/120fps, 720p@240fps while the selfie camera can record video at 1080p@30fps. So whether you’re just recording a beautiful moment, or capturing something for your Instagram, the footage and the photos should look crisp, clean, and will be of impressive quality.

The iPad Pro 2018 also offers several different storage options for all of those quality photos and videos that you’ll be taking. Both sizes of the device come in 64/256/512GB or 1TB versions.

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iPad Pro 2018 Features

While the new iPad Pro is rocking some mighty technical specs, what about the rest of its features? Thankfully, it has lots of useful tools for you to make use of.

For example, when recording 4K video, you can take 8-megapixel still photos mid-recording. Meanwhile, the selfie camera is equipped with Portrait Lighting which allows you to take professional-looking selfies on the fly. Animoji also returns, giving you a selection of fun “filters” and filters so that you can make yourself look like a talking unicorn, a talking pig, a talking fox and much more.

The cameras have some practical uses too. The Face ID security feature gives the iPad Pro 2018 facial recognition capabilities, which means you can use it to unlock your tablet. You can also use it to make purchases from iTunes, the App Store, and Apple Books, and lock specific files and documents.

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iPad Pro 2018 Battery Life

Apple’s new device features a reasonable battery life to support all of these specs and features.

All models of the iPad Pro 2018 offer a battery life of up to 10 hours of surfing the web on Wi-Fi, watching videos and listening to music. The Wi-Fi and cellular versions of the new iPad allow up to 9 hours of surfing the web using a mobile data connection.

Moreover, the iPad Pro 2018 works as a power bank for your iPhone. If you happen to be carrying both of them with you and your phone starts running out of juice, just plug your iPhone into your iPad Pro and it will charge it for you. The new Apple Pencil accessory can also be charged wirelessly using the new iPad.

iPad Pro 2018 Price

Prices for the 11-inch iPad Pro begin at $799, while prices for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro begin at $999.

It should be noted that the prices get more expensive depending on which storage size you want. The more storage you require, the higher the price.

When will iPad Pro 2018 be refurbished

When Will the iPad Pro 2018 Be Refurbished?

The iPad Pro 2018 release date is November 7, 2018. This means that the device could become available as refurbished at any time after this date. Buying refurbished allows you to own the tablet but at a lower price, in excellent cosmetic condition, and in complete working order.

No specific date has been set for when the new iPad will become available as refurbished. Refurbished stock depends on the number of people trading the devices in and how long it takes refurbished retailers to test, repair, clean and certify the devices before selling them.

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