what is a refurbished phone?

What Is a Refurbished Phone? The Ultimate Guide

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the exact definition of a refurbished phone. And quite rightly. The Internet is full of various different descriptions and classifications of what exactly makes a phone ‘refurbished’. Hopefully, we can clear it up for you. What makes a phone refurbished? A refurbished phone has been through a refurbishment […]

apple watch useful

Are Smartwatches Useful?

I’ve been reading articles lately talking about the death of wearable technology. The Apple Watch isn’t performing as strong as it once was and Fitbit’s stock has been declining for the past couple years. Despite this, I’m seeing people with Apple Watches more and more, and Fitbit just acquired smartwatch maker Pebble. This is a […]

do i need mac for college

Do You Need a Mac For College?

This article is not a Mac vs PC fanboy debate. Instead this is more question, especially if you’re in school, if you really need a Mac, or just something to write your essays on. Let’s put brand aside, and focus on the hardware/software and what you really need without getting too technical. I bought my […]

macbook battery health

How to Extend Your MacBook’s Battery Life

If you’re like me, you’re always carrying your Mac charger everywhere you go. I use the crap out of my MacBook Pro almost everyday internet surfing, photo/video editing, graphic design, writing, and LOTS of YouTube. And since I do most of my work in coffee shops, it’s a bit a of headache when I forget […]

2017 save money

5 Tricks for Saving Money in 2017

Intro Text 1. Set up automated savings Like a direct debit, but without losing any money, set up an automated payment into your savings account each month, to force you to make that saving. You will learn to adapt to missing this amount of money each month. 2. Sunday meal preparation Every Sunday evening, a […]