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Welcome to the New RefurbMe – What’s Changed?

9 years since the first RefurbMe widget crawled the Apple Store for refurbished products, we have released the most powerful refurbished products website to date.

This is the biggest release by far, and we hope you find the value in it like our early testers did.

So lets dive into what’s new…

More product categories

iPhone & Watch

Finally, we have added iPhone and Apple Watch! So now you can browse the full lineup of Apple’s main product categories.

More products

RefurbMe Loads of Refurbished Products

We are no longer exclusive to just Apple as a refurbisher. In the US, we now support Apple products refurbished by Target, Best Buy, Walmart, Gazelle, GameStop, and JemJem.

This means that there are thousands more products available on the website. All of these providers refurbish products to a certified standard, so you can be sure you’ll only find only quality products on our website.

Bigger discounts

RefurbMe Hot Deals Low Prices

Due to the addition of new refurbishers, there are many more deals. We have seen refurbished iPads with 80% discounts from their original retail prices, and Mac with over $1000 off the original price. To be quite honest, some of the deals have surprised even us!

Better Search

RefurbMe Refurbished Product Search

Search was a problem with the old website. Now, it is much improved. Type in a product and/or it’s features and our autofill will provide you with the best matches. It’s not perfect, but it’s helping our users find their products faster.

Simplified browsing interface

RefurbMe Find Best Refurbished Deals

When in a product category, it is now faster to find your ideal product using the filters. Simply select things that matter to you, maybe color, network and price, and the matching products will be displayed.

Faster product customization

RefurbMe Find Refurbished iMac

Another thing that is faster, is the customization of products. By that, we mean changing the different attributes of a certain product, like the storage size of an iMac.

Easier notifications

Track Refurbished Product Deals on RefurbMe

We have greatly simplified the process for setting up product alerts. When you are refining results with the filters, if no products match your preferences, you will be prompted to set up an email alert (and SMS if you wish), so that you can be alerted when products match your search.

We’re ready for more!

RefurbMe Buy Apple Refurbished Products

As we roll out this new website, we are already planning for more. Including more website features, more refurbishers in the US and worldwide, and expanding to more refurbished product categories in the future.

Let us know if you have any feature / product requests, or simply have a browse on the new RefurbMe website.

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