Is a Refurbished iPad Worth It?

One of the most popular Apple products would be the iPad. In fact, they have been popular since their original release in 2010. Each new release of the iPad garners a lot of buzz. Now consumers are now deciding to save some cash by buying a refurbished iPad instead.

Most people are celebrating the holiday season already. That means that consumers are already on the hunt for hot new electronics. Many consumers are looking to buy the newest version of the iPad. Yet, the newer generations of iPad can run hundreds of dollars. For many, that’s a price that could break the bank. Many consumers are looking into refurbished older generations of the iPad to buy.

So is it worth it to invest in a refurbishing iPad? Is it safe to do so? What do refurbished iPads cost? Why not buy a used iPad?

Let’s look at everything you need to know about buying a refurbished iPad and other Apple products.

1. What exactly is a refurbished product?

Refurbishment refers to the process of completely restoring a used electronic product.

Refurbished items are very popular today. This is because they provide a cheap alternative to buying new electronics. They also provide a more reliable alternative to buying used products.

Refurbished electronics start out as returned or lightly used electronics. The product could not be what the customer is looking for. It could also have some internal issues or have cosmetic issues. 

We evaluate the product to see if it is worth refurbishing. There aren’t many benefits to refurbishing an extremely dysfunctional or damaged product. Usually, a manufacturer will refurbish an item that was lightly used. This is also the case if a product has a fairly simple problem that is fixable. It’s also a plus if the product requires minimal time and materials to restore.

After going through repairs, the item will go through rigorous testing. This verifies that the item functions as close to perfect as possible. Cosmetic issues cannot be completely repaired in some cases. The manufacturer will usually note the item’s cosmetic condition. At RefurbMe, we make sure to rate the cosmetic condition of our refurbished iPads. Our rating system includes Excellent, Good, and Fair.

2. Is a refurbished iPad a used device?

A refurbished iPad is not a used device. This can be confusing to understand. The refurbished product did technically start out as a used product. However, the end result is far from used quality.

Refurbished items aren’t really “used.” Repairs and intense testing go into making sure that the item is in nearly perfect condition. A refurbished product typically comes with a warranty and money-back guarantee. Used items, on the other hand, are risky investments. Used items don’t go through any repairs and could have serious internal problems. The buyer will have to deal with these issues. The item only makes it onto a shelf if it meets very high standards.

3. What kind of changes occurs during the process of repair and refurbishment?

A refurbished product will go through many changes during refurbishment. The goal is to make sure the finished product will be completely free of defects. It’s safe to assume a product may perform one or more of the following repairs before testing:

  • Screen replacement
  • Hardware defect replacement
  • Circuit board cleaning
  • Complete internal and external cleaning
  • Button replacement
  • Resoldering of joints
  • Multiple part replacement
  • Frayed or broken cord replacement

All these repairs may go into a refurbished iPad. iPads may also have connectivity problems repaired as well. Some companies unlock iPads during the refurbishment process. However, this isn’t always the case.

At RefurbMe, we ensure that our products go through a rigorous refurbishment process. However, we’re not in the business of taking products that are falling apart and fixing them up. Not only would that be wasteful, but it doesn’t make a lot of business sense. As a result, most of our products were originally lightly used or served as store display models.

4. Is a refurbished iPad safe to use?

That depends on what you mean by “safe.”

If we’re talking about data security— Absolutely! A refurbished iPad is completely wiped of user data during the refurbishment process. When trading on your own iPad, we remove your data during the refurbishment process. Still, it’s recommended to factory reset the device on your own if possible before turning it in.

If we’re talking about environment safety— Also absolutely! The online publication Mother Jones recently did a thorough writeup on refurbished products. They came to the conclusion that refurbished electronics are environmentally superior.

“The manufacture of one desktop computer requires 48 pounds of chemicals. [It also requires] 1.7 tons of water and 529 pounds of fossil fuels.” the article noted, “[This is] about 10 times the weight of the computer itself. The more we can reuse old products, the fewer new resources we’ll need to extract. And the less we add to the world’s pile of e-waste, which is giant and growing bigger every day.”

5. Where can one find a refurbished iPad?

The Apple store boasts its own section of factory refurbished products. iPads make up a fairly large part of their in-stock refurbished items. You could save a hundred dollars or so buying from Apple. However, this heavily depends on the type of iPad you want. The internal space within the individual product also affects the price.

You can also buy refurbished iPads directly from RefurbMe. We have dozens of different variations of the iPad available. Our products have gone through rigorous repairs and testing. All before making it onto our shelves. Think buying an iPad for only $99 with a full warranty can’t happen? It can! At RefurbMe, you can even enjoy a 90-day return policy. You can also enjoy completely free shipping, no strings attached.

6. Does a refurbished iPad come with warranties?

In a majority of cases, a refurbished iPad will come with some kind of warranty. Apple offers warranties for all of its products. Apple also has a variety of warranties available. These warranties range from the same warranty as new iPads to slightly less coverage.

RefurbMe also offers warranties for all of our refurbished products. Our warranties range from 90 days to a full year with various protection policies. If a component failure occurs, we will completely replace your unit. We also offer a 90-day return policy. That means you don’t have to take any major risks when buying a refurbished product from us!

7. What are the pros and cons of buying a refurbished iPad?

There are a number of pros and cons to buying a refurbished iPad.

Pros of buying a refurbished iPad

  • They’re cheaper than a new iPad.
  • They don’t have the internal damage or defects that a used item may have.
  • Most minor cosmetic repairs can be easily performed. This results in a new-looking product. If not, we list the cosmetic condition of the iPad in the item description.
  • Refurbished products are extensively tested to make sure each product functions like new.
  • A refurbished item will typically come with some kind of warranty. Used products, on the other hand, almost never come with any kind of warranty.
  • At RefurbMe, refurbished iPads come with a 90-day guarantee. Not all refurbished Apple retails will offer a money-back guarantee. And if they do, the amount of time allotted is much lower.
  • Purchasing a refurbished electronic device could be better for the environment. Refurbishing a product requires significantly less labor, energy, and materials. This may be especially true when compared to what it takes to manufacture a new product.

Cons of buying a refurbished iPad

  • They aren’t quite as good as a new iPad. By “good” we mean untouched and unused. It is important to remember that a refurbished product goes through intense testing. This guarantees that it operates just like an unused product of the same type.
  • Refurbished iPads tend to be more expensive than used iPads.
  • Some sellers of refurbished Apple products are not reputable. As a result, they may botch the refurbishment process. However, buying from RefurbMe eliminates this con.
  • Some refurbished items will have cosmetic defects. Such defects are visibly listed in the description of the item in most cases. 
  • The warranties for refurbished products may not be as good as new product warranties.

8. Are refurbished iPads properly tested?

Yes! At RefurbMe, we make sure to extensively test our refurbished product. This includes iPads. We test a variety of things after refurbishing a product. Specifically, we ensure that all internal components are working at the greatest efficiency. We also ensure that the connectivity of the device is functional. It’s our goal that there are no software issues with the device as a whole.

The whole point of refurbishing an item is to bring it up to almost new standards. This is something that used products simply won’t have.

9. Are refurbished iPads cleaned before they ship?

We clean all refurbished products from RefurbMe inside and out. We clean the internal components to guarantee that everything will work. Our team also takes the time to clean the inside of our refurbished devices. We do this to keep them looking shiny and new before sending them out.

It’s worth noting that some cosmetic damage may be apparent. However, most refurbished retailers will make sure to list the item’s condition.

10. Are refurbished products as good as new?

Refurbished products should function just as well as a new product. Refurbished products start as lightly used or factory returned products. They are then properly repaired and cleaned to meet the same standards as a new product. 

It is worth noting that refurbished products are not new products. A refurbished item is thoroughly repaired and tested to meet “new” standards. But they aren’t new. Just as well, some refurbished products may have some cosmetic wear. They may also have some internal issues that the manufacturer decided not to fix. In this case, the item description will note such issues.

At RefurbMe, we make sure that our refurbished items meet extremely high standards. We strive to sell products that are fully functional without issue. If it doesn’t pass testing, it doesn’t make it into our inventory.

11. Are refurbished Apple products actually cheaper than new products? How about used products?

More often than not, refurbished iPads are cheaper than newer products. It certainly makes sense— they aren’t really new products! Just as well, a refurbished iPad will typically be an older model or generation. As newer editions of that model come out, the cheaper that older model will be. Dents that are very clear will also reduce the cost of the refurbished item. It may not look shiny and unused. However, it definitely will function as a new product if you buy from RefurbMe!

This really shows off the biggest benefit of buying a refurbished item— it’s not new, but it isn’t really used either. You get the financial benefits of a “used” item while reaping the rewards of a “new” item.
Ready to dive into buying a refurbished? Pop over to RefurbMe to see what excellent iPad products we have available!