Apple and other third-party merchants will eventually refurbish the Apple Vision Pro. Taking past refurbished MacBooks’ median days as a reference, we can expect the Apple Vision Pro to be refurbished on May 31, 2024.

This date is just an estimate according to our stats from previous refurbishments. Also, you might see it first in marketplaces from third-party merchants and then in the Apple Store.

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Are users returning the Apple Vision Pro?

Yes, a significant number of early adopters did return their Apple Vision Pro headsets. As the 14-day return window closed, social media platforms like Reddit were filled with discussions about the reasons behind these returns. Here are some of them:

  • Fit and comfort: Some users experienced issues with the light seal, causing headaches, discomfort, and light leakage. While different seal sizes were available, finding the right fit proved challenging.
  • Eye strain: The Vision Pro’s eye-tracking technology could be exhausting, causing eye soreness and fatigue. While users hoped their bodies would adapt with time, this was a major reason for many returns.
  • Weight: The Vision Pro’s weight made it uncomfortable for extended wear. Some users reported they couldn’t even use the headset comfortably for the length of a movie.
  • Immature technology: While revolutionary, the technology wasn’t fully polished. Users complained of poor text rendering and stuttering during basic tasks, a significant drawback given the high cost.
  • Loneliness: The spatial computing experience often felt isolating, making it difficult to share with others.
  • Expensive: At $3,500+, the Vision Pro was a major investment. As the initial hype faded, many found it difficult to justify the cost, given the headset’s limitations.
  • Trying it out: Apple’s generous return policy allowed many to purchase the Vision Pro to experience the technology and then return it within the 14-day window.

It’s unclear what percentage of Vision Pro devices are being returned, and Apple won’t release those figures. Satisfied users may not be as vocal as those returning the headset on social media.

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Do these returns mean that the Apple Vision Pro is not worth it?

The wave of returns highlights that the Apple Vision Pro, in its initial form, was not the right fit for many early adopters. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean the headset is entirely without value. Here’s why:

  • Early adopter technology: First-generation products, especially those pushing technological boundaries, often come with limitations and quirks. The returns could signal that the Vision Pro is more of a developer tool in its current state rather than a polished consumer product.
  • Subjective value: The “worth” of the Vision Pro is highly individual. For developers working on AR/VR experiences, the headset represents a valuable, even necessary, platform. For someone looking primarily for entertainment, the shortcomings might outweigh the benefits.
  • Potential for improvement: Apple could address many of the complaints driving returns through software updates and future hardware iterations. The Vision Pro might become a far more compelling product down the line.

In short, the Apple Vision Pro has been praised for its immersive graphics, realistic augmented reality features, and potential for entertainment and work.

Despite some issues like its weight and the early stage of certain features, reviewers see it as a promising glimpse into the future of spatial computing. These positive aspects suggest that, for some users, the Vision Pro could offer significant value, especially for those interested in cutting-edge technology​.

Why should you consider a refurbished Apple Vision Pro?

If you were hesitant about the Vision Pro’s initial price tag or were waiting for some of the early kinks to be ironed out, a refurbished model could be a compelling option. Here’s why:

  • Apple’s high-quality refurbishment: Apple’s refurbished products undergo an extremely rigorous process. All devices receive a thorough cleaning, replacement of worn-out components, a new battery, and a fresh outer shell. They essentially look and function like brand-new products.
  • Same warranty as new products: Refurbished Apple products come with the same standard one-year warranty as new devices, offering peace of mind and guaranteeing the quality of your purchase.
  • Substantial price reduction: While the exact discount might vary, refurbished Apple products often see significant price reductions compared to their original cost. This could make the Vision Pro far more accessible, especially for those waiting for the technology to mature and for the price to come down.

Apple Certified Refurbished vs. third-party refurbishers

When considering a refurbished Apple Vision Pro, you will have the option of purchasing directly from Apple via their Certified Refurbished program or from a third-party refurbisher. Here’s a breakdown of what you might expect from each:

FeatureApple Certified RefurbishedThird-party refurbishers
Refurbishment processRigorous, includes cleaning, part replacements, new battery, new shell, thorough testingVaries widely. Can be very thorough or involve minimal restoration
AvailabilityMay have limited stockMight have wider availability
Cosmetic conditionVirtually indistinguishable from newCan range from near-new to having some cosmetic wear
WarrantyStandard one-year Apple warrantyOften 1-year warranties, although some can be lower
PriceLikely the highest pricePotential for significantly lower prices
Peace of mindHighest level of assurance due to process and warrantyDepends on the reputation of the refurbisher, need for thorough research

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