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Refurbished Mac Desktop

Mac mini refurbished
Mac mini
3Ghz Intel Dual-Core i7
2014 release
8GB memory
Sold out 21 hours ago
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What is a Refurbished Mac Desktop?

A refurbished Mac desktop is an Apple Mac desktop computer that has been refurbished. Refurbished means that the Mac desktop was pre-owned or second-hand but has been tested, cleaned and repaired before going on sale again.

Several parts of the Mac desktop will be tested, such as its screen, its ports, and its processor, to make sure that you are buying a quality refurbished device.

A refurbished Mac desktop can be much more affordable than buying brand new. With RefurbMe, a price comparison site for refurbished Apple products, you can compare the price of devices such as refurbished iMacs, refurbished Mac Pros, refurbished Mac Minis and more so that you get the best deal.

Are Refurbished Apple Mac Desktops Good?

A refurbished Apple Mac desktop purchased through RefurbMe and our partnered retailers will be in very good quality.

On RefurbMe, we only list products of good or excellent cosmetic quality, meaning that they will look like new or will have very few visible blemishes or marks. All devices listed on RefurbMe come with a warranty too.

The deals listed on RefurbMe are from reputable retailers, such as Apple, Mac of All Trades, and Gazelle, which have sparkling reputations in the refurbished industry. Each of these retailers also has a great refurbished testing program.

How Much Does a Refurbished iMac Cost?

Refurbished iMac prices start at just $359 for a refurbished 2012 iMac with a 21.5 inch screen and 8GB of RAM. Refurbished iMac Pro prices start at $4,249 for a refurbished 2017 iMac Pro with a 27 inch screen and 32GB of RAM.

RefurbMe lists various refurbished iMac deals and you can use the slider on the left to help find something in your price range.

Refurbished Mac Mini prices start at just $249, for a refurbished 2012 Mac Mini with 4GB of RAM. Refurbished Mac Pro prices start at $2,999 for the refurbished 2013 Mac Pro with 64GB of RAM.

You can also save money with free shipping, which is offered on many Mac desktop deals found on RefurbMe.

Which Refurbished iMacs Are Available?

On RefurbMe, me compare dozens of deals of refurbished iMacs and you can find more than 150 refurbished iMac and refurbished iMac Pro offers on the site.

These range from the 2012 iMac which has a 21.5 inch Glossy screen, to the 2019 version of the iMac which offers faster Intel processors and a 21.5 inch 4K Retina screen that makes it great for designers and movie fans.

There are refurbished iMacs with different amounts of RAM, from 8GB of RAM to 128GB of RAM and storage space, from 500GB of storage to 4TB of storage.

You can choose what cosmetic condition you’d like the computer to be in too. RefurbMe lists refurbished iMacs in good and excellent condition, or refurbished grade B and refurbished grade A, so all products will look brilliant and will display no or minimal blemishes. Refurbished devices in good condition are more affordable than those in excellent condition and on RefurbMe, you’re able to use the search function to help you choose and compare prices.

Which Refurbished Mac Pros Are Available?

The Apple Mac Pro is the most powerful computer that Apple has created. Designed for professionals and companies with large power demands, the Mac Pro is capable of outputting beautiful graphics to multiple screens and running multiple apps without slowing down. However, this also makes the Mac Pro incredibly expensive when buying brand new.

RefurbMe lists multiple refurbished Mac Pro deals, though, helping you to save money. You could buy a refurbished Mac Pro with 64GB or 512GB of storage and choose between 64GB or 32GB of RAM.

Which Refurbished Mac Minis Are Available?

The refurbished Mac Mini is a brilliant and affordable way of getting a MacOS desktop computer. The Mac Mini is incredibly portable and is far cheaper than a MacBook or an iMac because it does not come with a screen or other accessories, such as a keyboard and mouse. With a Mac Mini, you can plug in other accessories you have, that you may have been using with your other desktop computer.

Several refurbished Mac Mini offers can be found on RefurbMe. Refurbished Mac Mini prices start at just $249, which is a saving of $350 or 58%, which makes it the most affordable Apple computer you can buy, laptop or desktop.

There are other deals too, and you can choose from 500GB of storage, different Intel quad-core processors, and 4GB of RAM to 16GB of RAM. The Mac Mini is available in two colors, silver and space gray.

Why Should You Buy a Refurbished Mac Desktop?

A refurbished Mac desktop is a great choice for anyone who would like to use Apple’s high quality MacOS and all of the software that comes with it, without paying such a high price. Apple desktop computers are famous for being expensive, but when you buy a refurbished Mac, you can pay a price that you can afford.

The refurbished Apple Mac computers found on RefurbMe are also tested by professionals and come with a minimum 30 day warranty. Buy your refurbished Mac desktop today.