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Refurbished Apple Watch

Apple watches have been the rage for a long while now, and they've mostly lived up to the hype that surrounds them. Arguably the pioneer smartwatch, it allows you to make calls, access your messages, track your health, and even load directions when you travel. All the benefits of an Apple Watch come with a hefty price tag. But you still can get a great deal on an Apple Watch without breaking the bank, by getting a refurbished model.


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  • Apple Watch

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What Is a Refurbished Apple Watch?

A refurbished Apple Watch is one that has been remanufactured - it’s brought to the market after thorough certified testing as well as refurbishment process. Part of the refurbishing process entails a new outer shell for the watch and a fresh battery. In addition, it's guaranteed to be fully functional device with a warranty.

Most people are pleasantly surprised by the quality of a refurbished Apple watch, usually putting to rest the fears that accompany refurbished electronics. Refurbished watches are sound physically and in excellent working condition offering excellent service to the buyer for years.

RefurbMe compares different refurbished Apple watches sold on the market and compares the quality, warranty and return policies.

Why Buy a Refurbished Apple Watch?

For example, a new Apple Watch Series 4 cellular costs $399 at the Apple Store. The same model only costs $249 refurbished (38% off). This gives you an idea of how affordable a quality refurbished Apple watch can cost with the right retailer.

On top of the saving, you can be assured with a year warranty and a 14-days return policy. RefurbMe lists different models that range from Series 1 to Series 5, with or without the cellular option.

Retailers on the RefurbMe platform are all the cream of the crop, such as refurbishers like Mac of all Trade, Gazelle, and Apple itself.

How Do You Know when a Refurbished Apple Watch Is in Stock?

Buyers can set up an alert to notify them when sold out products are back in stock. On the result page of the RefurbMe, you can create alerts for refurbished apple watches that are not available now to purchase. You can use the filters (for example series 4 cellular and 40mm case) and the results will adjust based on your selection. If no product is available, you’ll be prompted to provide your best email to be notified.

How Much Does a Refurbished Apple Watch Cost?

For Example, an Apple Watch Sold Refurbished at the Apple Store at $329 New but Only Costs $245 As Refurbished (25% Off). This Gives You an Idea of How Affordable a Quality Refurbished Apple Watch Can Cost With the Right Retailer.

The Cheapest Apple Watch We Tracked Recently Is Sold for $94 by Decluttr, Which Is 84% Off Comparing When It Was Released in 2015.

How long I can expect a new Apple Watch model to be refurbished?

Based on the availability history at RefurbMe, you can expect to see a refurbished Apple Watch in stock in 5 months.

The Apple Watch Series 4 has been released on September 2018 at $399. While the same model was first sold refurbished in February 2019 at $339. That is 15% off, 5 months after the date of the release!