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Refurbished iPhone

The iPhone is a smartphone designed and marketed by Apple. All models of the iPhone use Apple’s own iOS operating system. The iPhone would be a great choice as your next smartphone.

The iPhone is regarded as one of the best smartphones since the first iPhone model released in 2007 and its intuitive interface means you can complete your tasks with ease. There are several different iPhone models that you can purchase, with different screen sizes, colors, and powerful technical specs all being available. The iPhone is popular for its amazing features including: its great, user-friendly interface, its superb camera clarity, the millions of iPhone games and apps and so on. However, buying a new iPhone can be expensive and something that not everyone cannot afford.

When buying an iPhone, the question is how can you buy an iPhone that suits your budget but is equipped with all the latest features. The answer to this question is ‘buy a refurbished iPhone’. Refurbished iPhones are sold by leading and certified refurbishers and by buying refurbished over brand new, you will save money while enjoying a premium smartphone.


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What is the Refurbished iPhone?

A Refurbished iPhone is a pre-owned iPhone which is brought to the market after going through certified testing and refurbished process. This means that refurbished iPhone has met the high standards of the refurbished retailer. Refurbished iPhone models often come with a new battery, a new outer shell and all of those refurbished iPhones listed on RefurbMe will include warranty for some time. Refurbished iPhones go through functional testing, will be repaired if required and then a thorough cleaning is performed.

Buying a refurbished iPhone allows you to have a premium smartphone at a great price. If you aren’t sure where to look for the best deals on a refurbished iPhone then RefurbMe is the right place to shop or to monitor the availability of new inventory.

Are Refurbished iPhones Good?

A Refurbished iPhone is a smart choice if you want to save some bucks. Refurbished iPhones are properly tested before being sold to you and those listed on RefurbMe have a warranty, which means that you can get a refund or a replacement if the phone has any technical faults.

The refurbished retailers listed on RefurbMe have strong reputations in the industry and are some of the best known brands. Some retailers on RefurbMe are Apple, Amazon, Gazelle, and Mac of All Trades.

Does Apple Sell Refurbished iPhones?

Yes, Apple sells refurbished iPhones and other refurbished Apple products. RefurbMe is the price comparison platform for Apple refurbished products sold only by professional refurbishers (Apple, Gazelle, Amazon, BackMarket, Mac of All Trades, GameStop etc.) so by using this site, you can find the best deal.

Why Should You Buy a Refurbished iPhone?

If you’re shopping on a budget then a refurbished iPhone is the best option to go for. Apple iPhones are brilliant, premium devices with many great features and you won’t want to miss out. When you buy a refurbished iPhone, you can save a lot of money without compromising on quality.

What are the Different iPhone models?

Apple has released several iPhone models since its first iPhone launched in 2007. All of the iPhone models released from 2007 to 2018 are: iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6/ 6 Plus, iPhone 6S/ 6S Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7/ 7 Plus, iPhone 8/ 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XS / XS Max, iPhone XR. Many of these iPhone models are available as refurbished.