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Refurbished MacBook Air 11.6-inch

The MacBook Air was created to be the go-to lightweight laptop. With such a thin and small design, it is still able to pack in a full day’s battery life. Flash storage makes it 17x faster than conventional hard drive, and the Intel HD graphics mean you have one of the fastest and best looking screens on a laptop.

The 11.6 inch MacBook Air is ideal for writing, browsing, and social networking with features such as the front facing camera. And the latest Intel processors allow you to perform more intensive tasks such as video production and extreme multitasking.

MacBook Air 11.6" Glossy refurbished
MacBook Air 11.6" Glossy
1.4Ghz Intel Dual-Core i5
2014 release
4GB memory
£499 Save £250 (33%)
MacBook Air 11.6" Glossy refurbished
MacBook Air 11.6" Glossy
1.6Ghz Intel Dual-Core i5
2015 release
4GB memory
£499 Save £400 (44%)
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What is the Refurbished MacBook Air 11.6-inch Glossy?

The MacBook Air features Apple’s famous hardware and software design at entry level prices. This lightweight and incredibly portable laptop computer features an 11.6-inch glossy screen that displays rich and deep colors and images will look crisp, clean and of excellent quality. The laptop is also equipped with long battery life which means you can use it for hours upon hours when you’re traveling, commuting to work or just going on holiday.

With RefurbMe, you can compare different deals for the refurbished MacBook Air 11”, ensuring that you are buying a quality laptop at an affordable price. Compare offers based on the warranty, the price, the cosmetic quality (all MacBooks listed are either good or excellent quality), the year, the model and the storage size. All refurbished MacBook Air devices have been extensively tested and are certified to be in working order meaning that you can be confident in the MacBook that you’re buying.

What Are the Refurbished MacBook Air 11.6-inch Glossy Prices?

Prices for the 11.6-inch MacBook Air with a glossy screen start at just $399 and go up to just under $1,000. The prices of a MacBook Air will differ based on the storage size, the year of release and the cosmetic quality. Newer versions of the MacBook Air, with greater storage and more powerful specs, will cost more.

The refurbished MacBook Air 11 is one of most budget-friendly MacBooks available. The 2013 and 2012 versions of the MacBook Air sit at lower price points and include a reasonable amount of memory and a strong battery life that are ideal for working or enjoying entertainment on the go.

At the higher end of the scale, the refurbished MacBook Air 11.6-inch with a glossy screen can cost $962 for specs including 1TB of storage, 4GB of RAM, and 2GHz Intel dual-core i7 processor. Using the categories on the right-hand side, you can easily sort through offers to find the right refurbished MacBook Air for you.

What Are the MacBook Air 11.6-inch Glossy Dimensions?

The 11.6-inch model of the MacBook Air is one of the most portable and lightweight laptops that Apple offers.

The Apple computers weighs approximately 2.38lbs. This weight makes the laptop ideal to take around with you, easily fitting into your luggage when you’re on the move.

The 11.6” model measures approximately 11.8 inches wide and 7.56 inches deep, with a height of 0.11 inches to 0.68 inches.

Which Version of the MacBook Air Is Right For Me?

RefurbMe allows you to choose the refurbished MacBook Air that best suits your lifestyle.

If you have a tight budget to work with and are often working on the go, then the MacBook Air 11.6-inch with a glossy screen will suit you best. The 2012 and 2013 models of the refurbished MacBook Air are some of the most affordable online

The laptop’s glossy display, long battery life, and lightweight design make the ideal combination of portability, affordability, and quality. You’ll be able to catch up on work and review charts, presentations, and reports or relax and stream music or videos at your leisure.

Should You Buy the Refurbished MacBook Air 11.6-inch Glossy?

The MacBook Air 11.6-inch will suit those with a busy lifestyle and need a computer that is able to keep up with them, without costing a huge amount of money.

The refurbished MacBook Air provides an affordable way to get Apple’s quality laptop computer. With RefurbMe, it is easy to compare the very best prices and deals on MacBook Air 11.6-inch with a glossy screen.