Are refurbished iPads fully tested?

Of course, refurbished iPads are fully tested. In fact, when an iPad is getting refurbished, testing is one of the most important stages.

What does testing involve? 

  • hardware tests;
  • software tests;
  • thorough checking of all components.

Generally, most if not all parts of a refurbished iPad pass these tests without a problem. That being said, if any issue arises from the testing phase, the refurbisher will move on to troubleshooting. If a faulty part can be fixed, that's what the professional will do. But some parts need systematic replacement, such as cracked screens. In that case, the refurbisher will simply change the old part for a brand new one. 

Once any repair has been completed, a refurbished iPad goes through another round of product testing process again to ensure that it is fully functional. Refurbished iPads go through the same testing process as any new iPad does. A refurbished iPad is only approved for sale once it passes all functional testing.