How are iPads getting refurbished?

Refurbished iPads are devices which are pre-owned. They might have had a faulty part—a screen issue, a battery problem—and were sent back to the manufacturer. Alternatively, they were a display item that is now getting prepped to go on the market.

But how do iPads get refurbished?

  1. First, the iPad gets sent back to the manufacturer or to a refurbisher. They will run some tests to detect any issues in the hardware or the software. 
  2. If these tests reveal any issues, the refurbisher will move on to troubleshoot the faulty parts. Ideally, they fix the problem piece, but in some cases (such as cracked screens), the part needs to be replaced altogether with a brand new one.
  3. Once everything is in working order again, the refurbished device is thoroughly cleaned before it goes through one last set of tests. Product testing is crucial to make sure the iPad is ready for sale. Only when it passes these tests—just like a new iPad would!—the refurbisher can stamp them as refurbished.