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Do refurbished MacBooks come with a warranty?

Refurbished MacBooks usually come with a warranty, but every refurbisher offers a different policy. In order to avoid any bad surprises regarding the quality of your product, make sure that you buy a refurbished MacBook from a professional and certified refurbisher. You can compare our partners' warranty policies here.

Read your seller's warranty policy thoroughly to make sure your device benefits from the protection you're comfortable with. If the warranty period feels too short for you, some sellers allow you to upgrade it for an extra cost, so you can enjoy your MacBook worry-free for as long as possible. If you buy your refurbished Apple device from the Apple Store, you can choose to add an AppleCare plan to your order.

On RefurbMe, we only feature Apple devices that come with a 30 day warranty or more. When looking at a particular device, scroll down to the sellers' offers to check the warranty information:

If you would like further information, we encourage you to click on Buy now to be redirected on the seller's site, where their specific warranty information will always be up-to-date.