How can I track refurbished products' availability?

How can I track refurbished products' availability?

Inventory of refurbished products fluctuates, which makes it hard to get the product you want at the right time... and at the right price. Some refurbished products go out of stock in a matter of hours and it can take months to see more of them get refurbished.

How can I track refurbished products availability?

1. Pick the type of product you're interested in on RefurbMe.

2. Select every feature you are looking for in your ideal Apple refurb.

3. Fill in your email address to set up a Product Alert. We'll be in touch as soon as the device of your dreams gets listed in stock. 

4. You can also click on Show sold-out products just underneath the product alert window and explore products. For instance, these are marked as not refurbished yet: 

5. Select a product and track its availability right there.