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How to Track Apple Price Drops Over Time

I’m going to guess that you’re here because you love a good deal? Or maybe you are simply looking to make your next Apple purchase when the price is right?

At RefurbMe, we are constantly looking for ways to help our users save money. We recently introduced the price history feature so that you can look at how the lowest price on each refurbished Apple product has changed over time.

Look at these iPhone 5s price drops over the past few months

iPhone 5s price drops

So when can I expect a price drop?

Honestly, it is very hard to predict! We are going to publish some data on when to expect MacBook Pro price drops soon, but it is always a huge guessing game! There are no definitive patterns on when the price of a refurbished Apple product will drop. However, we can be sure that over time, the price WILL drop.

Historical prices are nice to look at, but they can’t update you as and when there is a price drop.

So how do I track these price drops?

We’ve got you covered! Whenever you are on a product, but the price is maybe a little high, simply scroll down to the Price History graph (as pictured above), and click on the button below it, titled “Alert me for a price drop”. You will then be able to give us your ideal price, or choose from a discount percentage as follows:

refurbme set up price alert

We will then email you when the price of that product drops to the level you would like.

Pretty cool, eh?

price drop give it a go

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