Buying refurbished or brand-new state-of-the-art devices has become a big concern for buyers and environmentalists. We continue to extract and use the planet’s natural resources to manufacture our technology like never before. As sales rise yearly, organizations increasingly worry about the circular economy.

For this reason, manufacturers and users—in practically every economic sector—are looking for new and green alternatives. They aim to help alleviate the impact on the environment by reusing products.

New programs include buying refurbished phones and tablets, the possibility of updating your smartphone’s components, manufacturing a more significant number of eco-smartphones, and the endeavors of the Right to Repair movement.

Undoubtedly, buying refurbished phones, tablets, and other devices can benefit the planet, but not only that, you can save money in the process. Let’s see why it’s worth considering.

Buying refurbished tech devices: the green alternative

Keeping our devices upgraded and with the latest characteristics is essential to our daily lives. The replacement cycle of smartphones is increasing progressively at the expense of an adequate strategy for the circular economy.

It’s no surprise, given that we use them for almost everything, including work. How could you not have the latest specs on your smartphone if it directly impacts your performance and social connections?

In any case, most users upgrade their smartphones approximately two and a half years after buying a brand-new device. It’s far more often than in other gadgets and appliances.

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Caught up in the buying and selling frenzy, we didn’t even question it back then. A new smartphone came up, and we rushed to the store to get the shiny new model.

However, every decision has its consequence, and this one is crucial: the impact on climate change and sustainable economy.

AirPods and iPhone on the grass representing green and circular economy

Buying refurbished allows you to boost the circular economy by decreasing the replacement cycle of technology. You do this by giving a new life to a pre-owned device.

And, in the case of RefurbMe, we only feature products with a warranty—providing security and ease of mind to all buyers.

CO2 emissions reduction

According to Green Alliance, if a person can use a mobile phone for an extra year, it will cut its lifetime CO2 impact by a third.

Consequently, refurbishing will reduce the demand for natural and valuable resources in the production chain. This will help boost the circular economy of both devices and other materials.

Buying a refurbished smartphone or tablet allows the user to buy a device that looks new and works perfectly; its functionalities and performance are the same as a brand-new model.

Some customers can worry about battery life or processing speed when buying a refurbished device. Still, technicians extensively test and repair pre-owned models to ensure their full performance.

Basically, you are actively helping reduce CO2 emissions and waste generated while getting a device with the exact specifications of the official store.

For example, check these iPhones in excellent condition compared on RefurbMe. They work in the same way as a brand-new model.

Less electronic waste

Raw materials are challenging to extract and require extensive mining and digging into the earth. Sometimes, it is countries with complicated political or social circumstances and undergoing economic development that extract these resources. When the materials reach the marketplace, the direct and indirect harm caused is considerably high—not only concerning carbon footprint and CO2 emissions.

And what happens when users dump millions of smartphones that have cost so much to manufacture? Well, it becomes a waste management problem. Landfills are full of smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers, and other electronic devices that people have discarded throughout the years.

The continuous manufacturing of these devices generates tons of electronic waste that is difficult to control. And this usually happens when consumers are unaware of the alternative above: buying refurbished products.

When you choose to buy a refurbished cell phone, you are actively contributing to the reduction of e-waste. You’re also helping to slow down the never-ending cycle of manufacturing and selling certain products, especially since companies can’t do complete e-waste recycling of electronic components. Even if they could, their process is costly and requires considerable effort.

The energy required for waste collection and recycling is another source of CO2 emissions that are not often considered.

Connected yellow wires

Energy and fuel savings

Manufacturing electrical appliances requires high energy consumption, leading to significant gas emissions that threaten a looming ecological transition.

It also demands the use of pollutants due to today’s massive demand—especially for smartphones.

Still, the indirect energy and fuel consumption aimed at its manufacturing, such as transportation by land, sea, or air, or the electricity required for the normal operations of the industry, can be exceptionally high and often overlooked.

When you buy refurbished, the indirect costs are significantly reduced. Far fewer intermediaries are required to send you a refurbished device. Therefore, it results in a considerable decrease in fuel and energy consumption.

Ultimately, it all adds up to help create a more efficient circular economy and a greener economic model.


To summarize, buying refurbished products positively impacts the environment by boosting the circular economy, lowering the replacement cycle, reducing CO2 emissions, avoiding additional e-waste, and reducing energy and fuel consumption.

Part of our mission statement declares that we want to help our readers understand that green alternatives exist. You can purchase 100% functional refurbished electronic devices while saving money and caring for the planet.

With this said, don’t hesitate to visit RefurbMe to find the best refurbished Apple devices available in real time and contribute to a greater circular economy.

Good luck!