What does refurbished grade A mean?

cosmetic condition grade ARefurbished grade A means that a product is as good as new. A refurbished grade denotes the quality of a refurbished device based on its cosmetic state, previous use, and packaging.

A refurbished grade A device is a product in near-mint condition. On top of passing every functional test, a grade-A device looks as if it's never been used. It may show signs of light usage such as slight marks on the keys. However, a grade A product wouldn't feature any scratches or significant blemishes.

A refurbished Grade A phone features very minimal amounts of scuffing on the case. A refurbished Grade A laptop will look (almost) like new, with very minimal amounts of scuffing and marks on the lid, keyboard, and other areas of its design. On RefurbMe, we simplify the grading system by marking grade A devices as Excellent.

Each refurbished listed on our site has a definition of cosmetic condition grade A. You can compare these to your liking based on the refurbisher you trust.