What does refurbished grade C mean? | RefurbMe

What does refurbished grade C mean?

Refurbished grade C means that a product is functional but shows heavy signs of use. A refurbished grade denotes the quality of a refurbished device based on its cosmetic state, previous use, and packaging.

A refurbished grade C device features noticeable cosmetic issues. It has passed every functional test, but a refurbished grade C device has significant signs of wear and tear. Because of these cosmetic issues, a refurbished grade C product is more affordable than a refurbished grade A or a refurbished grade B device.

A refurbished Grade C phone features significant scratches on its case. A refurbished Grade C laptop features heavy scuffing and marks on the lid, keyboard, and/or other areas of its design. On RefurbMe, we simplify the grading system by marking grade C devices as Fair.

Each refurbisher listed on our site has a definition of cosmetic condition grade C, although they are similar. You can compare these to your liking based on the refurbisher you trust.

What does refurbished grade C mean?