Compare Fair Condition (Grade C) between certified refurbishers

The body contains light but plainly visible scratches. Some products might have visible scratches, and maybe some dents on the exterior. The device also remains 100% functional and under the same warranty.

Spot the differences among 12 refurbishers, explore their policies regarding: Fair Condition (Grade C)

• Eco-friendly: This device will work like its new, but will have heavier scratches or dings on the frame, screen, or back.

• Good: Some cosmetic blemishes.This product has moderate signs of wear and tear but has been fully tested and is in great working order.

• Fair: Heavy signs of usage. Includes multiple dents and blemishes. Machine may have technical limitations. Read product listing for specifics.

• Fair: Have signs of wear. The body may have a few visible scratches and dents that do not affect performance. For products with screens, the screen may have light scratches, invisible when the screen is on. Durability scores are average, and still correspond with the quality levels required by Back Market's quality charter.

• Fair: The screens of these devices are in good condition. There is some wear and tear that does not affect the functionnality of the phone.

• Fair: Moderate to excessive scratching on the body and screen that is very visible from a few inches away. Item may also include small dents on the edges and some minor display imperfections such as white spots. Tested for Full Functions, R2/Ready for Reuse

• Pre-Owned Economy: Fully functional. Noticeable scratches and/or scuffs, but no cracks or chips on the phone screen (and back of the phone if the back is made of glass).

Device will be fully functional but will show aesthetic signs of heavy use. This may include significant scratches & scuffs to the body of the device. The screen may have light scratches but will not be significant when the screen is on.