Compare Good Condition (Grade B) between certified refurbishers

The device has been gently used and well taken care of. You might notice some light scuffing on the edge of the device, or some light scratches on the body. The device remains, of course, 100% functional and under the same warranty.

Spot the differences among 8 refurbishers, explore their policies regarding: Good Condition (Grade B)

• Grade B: Some Macs will be labeled as Grade B, these will have a cosmetic issue such as a scratch, scuff or small dent on the body that does not impede function. The screens are checked to ensure that they are in good condition and that there are no functional issues. Grade B items are processed using the same detailed procedures as our Grade A stock and will come with the same comprehensive warranty.

• Renewed: Product works and looks like new. Backed by the 90-day Amazon Renewed Guarantee. Product will have a battery which exceeds 80% capacity relative to new

• Good: Light signs of wear. The body may have light micro-scratches, invisible at a distance of 20 inches (about an arm’s length) or more. For products with screens, the screen will have no scratches. Durability scores are above average, and chances of encountering technical issues are small.

• Very Good: Minimal signs of wear and tear.This product is in very good cosmetic condition with only light signs of use. It has been fully tested and works perfectly.

• Good condition (4 stars): this product is in good condition. Normal wear and tear but no damage. It can have a minor dent or scratch, but of very small character. All our products are delivered with Apple's original charger and available cables. All our products are in good working order unless stated otherwise.

• Grade B: These are the same as Grade A but will have one small cosmetic issue which will be shown in a photo attached to the product listing. This could be a heavier scratch or small dent, and will come with a discount which will vary in relation to the extent.