Compare Fair Condition (Grade C) between certified refurbishers

The body contains light but plainly visible scratches. Some products might have visible scratches, and maybe some dents on the exterior. The device also remains 100% functional and under the same warranty.

Spot the differences among 8 refurbishers, explore their policies regarding: Fair Condition (Grade C)

• Fair: Have signs of wear. The body may have a few visible scratches and dents that do not affect performance. For products with screens, the screen may have light scratches, invisible when the screen is on. Durability scores are average, and still correspond with the quality levels required by Back Market's quality charter.

• Good: Some cosmetic blemishes.This product has moderate signs of wear and tear but has been fully tested and is in great working order.

• Cosmetic defect (3 stars): a product with a cosmetic defect usually has a scratch/scratches or a dent/dents. This is not something to expect on any product regardless of age. When a product has a defect there will always be information provided and also a photograph of the damage. All our products are delivered with Apple's original charger and available cables. All our products are in good working order unless stated otherwise.