Why The iPhone 7 May Not Be That Amazing

Usually, when you read about a new iPhone rumor, your mind automatically jumps to amazing concepts – wraparound touch screens, holographic projection, all day battery life… Maybe in a perfect world. So, what will Apple think of next? Unfortunately, when it comes to the iPhone 7, the answer is apparently “not very much”. According to […]

Save Money Startup

3 Ways To Reduce Initial Startup Costs

Many businesses that people start, have the potential to create a tremendous amount of value. And that value can often be turned into revenue and hopefully profit further down the line. But, however talented your team is, however big the problem you’re solving is, however amazingly good your product concept is, there is often a […]

Doing Good with Refurbished Bicycles

There is a lot of good that can come out of buying and selling refurbished products. Especially, regarding the extreme environmental impact of buying refurbished products over brand new products, and the financial benefits of refurbished over new. And here is a more creative example of that. The Kiwanis Club of Riverside, based in Riverside, […]

How To Get Alerts For Apple Savings

Apple has always been a premium brand, and they care very much about the high quality and performance, and strong design which they pack into their products, branding, marketing and everything they do. Because of this, Apple products are always on the higher side of the pricing spectrum. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t […]