5 Creative Ways to Save Money Online

Online shopping has exploded in the last decade. The US alone spends $300 billion shopping online each year. And it is no wonder why! It is now easier than ever to purchase clothes, food, cars, and all sorts of services online and have them delivered to us, sometimes even on the same day.

But the ease of buying on the internet can sometimes be a disadvantage: it is much easier for us to spend our hard earned cash without even leaving our beds.

So we’ve put together 5 creative ways you can save money money online without necessarily cutting down on your purchases.


1. Search for discount coupons

Look everywhere you can. Firstly, on the website – are there any banners with promotions? Secondly, email. Maybe you can submit your email to a newsletter to receive a certain offer or discount code?

Still no luck? Not to worry! There are loads of websites that you can use to find coupon codes for your desired product. You can try searching Coupons.com and Retail Me Not. But it is often easiest to Google search the product or brand you want to buy and put ‘coupon code’ after it. You will often find many coupons for big and medium sized retailers, often with 10-30% discounts but sometimes more exciting coupons too.

2. Use cashback websites

There are thousands of cashback websites. As a consumer, you sign up and they allow you save money on millions of supported retailers by giving you rewards each time you make a purchase. You can redeem the rewards as cash, or plenty of other things such as gift cards and gifts.

The best thing to do with these websites is get on them right now and start saving! We recommend Top Cashback and eBates.

3. Leave

Due to the advances in advertising technology, companies are able to track your footprint online. Ever been clothes shopping and then seen the same clothes on your Facebook feed later that day? These retailers like to target adverts at people who have already visited their website.

But there is a trick that can save you some serious money. If you add items that you want to your cart, retailers know you’re keen on buying them, so they will often target adverts at you containing discount codes to encourage you to apply the discount and finish buying the items. So we advise that you leave the items in the cart for a few days and wait for an advert with a discount code to appear as you’re browsing the web.

4. Use multiple email addresses

This is a slightly naughty tactic, but completely acceptable! Often companies give out special offers for new customers only. So after you have made your first purchase, that offer is no longer available. But you can get around this.

You can become a ‘new’ customer again by using another email address! And you can continue to do this to keep receiving the welcome offer.

However, some companies try to protect against this via various methods. Maybe they don’t allow two different accounts to have the same payment method – then you can try using PayPal or Amazon Checkout or however else they let you pay. Some companies don’t allow two different accounts to have the same address – maybe you can send your order to a friends address? And some companies require an ID to be verified – you can’t really get around this unless you ask a friend to sign up as a new customer on your behalf.

5. Shop refurbished

Our final tip for saving money online is to shop refurbished! Refurbished products are pre-owned items (often electronics) that have been throughly fixed and cleaned by refurbishers. They are sold in the same functional condition as new products but they are sold at huge discounts: usually 10-50% off the retail price.

So if you’re ever looking at getting a new computer, camera or phone, you can make huge savings by purchasing a refurbished one.

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