Are Refurbished Products Broken?

The exact definition of ‘refurbished’ can often be a gray area. It is a common misinterpretation that refurbished products are broken. Some people believe that they are likely to break earlier than a brand new product would. And some think they arrive with faults straight out of the box.

This is not the case.

Refurbished products are not broken. Nor faulty or missing key functions.

A refurbished product is a pre-owned device. This device is refurbished by the original manufacturer, or a third party refurbisher, and then sold.

So what ensures that refurbished phones, laptops, tablets and other devices are not broken or faulty?

The Refurbishment Process.

They go through a strict refurbishment process which essentially transforms the device from a used product, to a certified refurbished product with no faults.

Depending on the refurbisher, processes can vary. But we have outlined the basic steps for you here:

The Refurbishment Process

All refurbished products are 100% functional which means they can do everything that a brand new one can.

In the unlikely case that you receive a refurbished product that has a fault or a broken part, you should get in touch with the supplier straight away and they will either give you a refund, or they will repair the fault. It is likely that the product would have been damaged in transit as there is little chance that it would have passed quality check with a problem.

So now we know…

Are Refurbished Products Broken?

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