What does refurbished mean?

A refurbished device is a product that was either pre-owned or used as a display model. Refurbished products are returned to working condition and sold for a reduced price. Sometimes they are called refurbed, reconditioned, or remanufactured.

Refurbished products are different from used products because they are sold by professional refurbishers from whom you can expect top-notch quality. 

Refurb definition (compared to Used and New)

On this “Scale of happiness,” you can see that refurbished products are close to the experience of buying new. Every refurbished product comes with a warranty and a reduced price. More importantly, buying refurbished is a responsible way to consume electronic goods. Repurposing pre-owned devices means that no more electronic waste is created on your behalf.

You will notice that cosmetic condition is a negative point on this scale of happiness. The aesthetic condition of your device depends on which product grade you choose. There are different levels of cosmetic conditions, ranging from Excellent to Fair on RefurbMe.

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