Refurbished Product Myths, De-MYTH-tified: Quora Edition

There are a lot of myths tossed around about refurbished products, and this can cause confusion and misinformation. It can be hard to tell which information is correct, so we are going to help you out by clearing up some myths in our new series: Refurbished Product Myths, De-MYTH-tified.

This is the Quora Edition where we grab answers from users on Quora, and bring light to the situation.

Myth 1

refurbished product myth 1

This answer is partially correct in that you do save some money. However, the user is totally incorrect about the risk of buying the item being “very high”. When you buy a certified refurbished item, it is guaranteed to be in perfect working condition. The risk of it not working is no higher or lower than buying a brand-new product. This is why refurbishers that sell certified refurbished products, provide a warranty period with them, to give you piece of mind.

If you want to buy a refurbished product that is not certified, you’ll have to be sure to do your research about the quality of where you’re getting it from. We advise you stay away from non-certified products though, unless they are covered by a good warranty.

Myth 2

refurbished product myth 2

Again, this user is making a statement that applies to brand-new products as much as it does to refurbished. You’re just as likely to have a software or hardware issue with a product that’s never been used as you are with refurbished. That’s because, in a refurbished product, the software is restored to new, and hardware completely fixed (if there was a problem) and tested.

Myth 3

refurbished product myth 3

Again, this isn’t really an accurate description of refurbished items.

Firstly, very few refurbished products show scratches or scuffs. Some do, but this should always be described in the cosmetic condition of the item. Buying a product with scuffs on will mean that the price is significantly lower, but the product will still be 100% functional.

Also, many quality retailers offer great warranties. Apple products, specifically, offer a 1-year warranty with the refurbished products they sell. And every product we list on our website, comes with a warranty. This is just something to research when you’re selecting a device. If you need some help with that, check out our article with tips on buying a refurbished iPhone here.

This Quora user also believes that because there was once an issue with it, the issue could come back. While this is theoretically possible, the reality is that it’s not any more or less likely to happen just because it did before. Most refurbished products never had an issue with them in the first place, and those that did, are repaired to 100% functionality, the same level as a brand new phone. The company that refurbished it goes to lengths to ensure that it’s running perfectly again, and carries out extreme testing to make sure of this.

Nearly Right

the truth about refurbished products

This user gets it mostly right. You do save a ton of money and you have the option to sell your products again with a tiny margin for loss. But, you can still get a decent warranty with your refurbished product, if you buy correctly.

As you can tell, there are a lot of myths floating around about refurbished items that just aren’t true. In fact, it’s not hard at all to stumble over such myths on the web. If you find one that you have questions about, feel free to let us know and we’ll be happy to clear things up for you!

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