How to fix water damaged iPhone

How to Fix a Water Damaged Phone

After sinking (pun intended) a considerable amount of money into your new phone, you’ve dropped it in the sink. Or the toilet. Or the pool. Or the sea. To be honest, it doesn’t really matter where you’ve dropped it – what matters is that your $600 phone has met its worst nightmare: H20

If you’ve ever seen the British comedian, Peter Kay, then you could probably liken your reaction to his sketch about dropping your biscuit in your brew (dropping your cookie in your cup of tea).

Watch this:

It’s as if they recorded your reaction, except replaced the word ‘phone’ with ‘biscuit’ and ‘sink’ with ‘brew’.

However, unlike a biscuit-come-brew scenario, your phone can be resuscitated. But, if it can’t then you’re probably going to be looking at an insurance claim or new phone.

Anyway, here a couple of go-to tips for when your phone goes for a swim:

Turn it off

How to fix a water damaged phone

If your phone hasn’t already powered down, then turn it off straight away. Electrical currents don’t mix well with water. Also, don’t be tempted to press any buttons. By doing so, you may cause short circuits within the phone, which could cause further internal damage.

Take everything out

How to fix a water damaged phone

Once you’ve turned your phone off, open the SIM card tray and take it out. A lot of modern smartphones come with a pin to open the tray. If you can’t find the included pin, then just grab your friend’s hairpin, or find a needle. Just anything pin-like.

If you’re one of the few, and can actually take the back off your phone, then you’ll be able to remove your battery. You may also have a SD card, which you should also remove.

Get rid of the excess water

How to fix a water damaged phone

Your first reaction may be to wipe any excess water on your shirt. But don’t. You should dab it with some kitchen towel.

If water seems to be leaking from any open ports, you should dab these too. However, make sure not to shake your phone in an attempt to force the water out. You may drive moisture into areas that were otherwise dry.

The old rice trick

How to fix a water damaged phone

Maybe a bit of an old wife’s tale, but it does work.

I used to have a Sony Ericsson. Possibly the master of all phones ever created. I could infrared extremely low quality videos to my friends for the first time ever, and I loved it. However, this was all put to an end one day when I decided to jump in the pool with the phone still in my pocket. Applied rice. Fixed.

Rice soaks up water. This works extremely well if you’re able to submerge your phone in a sealable bag of rice, or a lunchbox. Leave it for 24 – 48 hours, and voilá.

If that doesn’t work…

…then you’ll be en route to your local phone store.

How to fix a water damaged phone

If you were wise enough to invest in insurance, your network may be able to provide you with a new device, although you may be required to pay an excess fee. If you weren’t wise enough then you’re probably going to have to buy a new phone.

For the clumsy

If you’re prone to taking your phone for a dip, then there are pre-emptive measures you can take to prevent it from being catastrophic.

The first is to buy a waterproof phone, such as the iPhone 7. Waterproof devices come with a Ingress Protection (IP) rating. An IP68 certificate means a phone is fully waterproof to a particular depth and for a certain period of time (usually around 1.5m for up to 30 minutes). There are also IP67 certificates for phones which offer protection from splashes, rainfall and brief submersions.

Companies such as Otterbox and Griffin also offer waterproof cases that will give your non-waterproof phones submarine-like qualities. They’re very bulky, but will guarantee protection from most underwater expeditions.

If you’re super clumsy, you’ll probably find yourself considering cheaper phones.

“I wish I could have an iPhone, but I know I’ll end up dunking it. It’s just not worth the price”.

If that sounds like you, then there is another way…

…buy a refurbished phone

How to fix a water damaged phone

Refurbished phones are a great way to save money. You can find yourself saving up to 50% of the RRP of a standard device.

Suddenly that phone you could only dream of, is becoming more of a reality.

The great thing about refurbished phones is that you’re not sacrificing anything. Refurbished phones are exactly the same as their new counterparts. They have fully working hardware, and are fully tested to ensure they are running exactly as a new device would.

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