Apple Release Self-Refurbished iPhone 6s & 6s+

We love to give you amazing iPhone deals on our website. And we know that you love to find these deals and save tons of money in the process. Now is a great time to look for an iPhone. A month or so after the launch of the iPhone 7, and the prices of previous generation refurbished iPhones are starting to drop lower than ever.

We already have a wide selection of iPhone on our website, such as iPhone 5s from $169, iPhone SE from $295, and iPhone 6 from $350. But the recent big news, straight from Apple HQ, means that you’re going to be seeing many more deals on iPhone.

Apple have now released refurbished iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s+, refurbished by Apple themselves. You can click below to find the option you are interested in now.

Apple Refurbished iPhone 6s

Apple Refurbished iPhone 6s+

What is really interesting is that Apple’s own refurbished iPhone quality matches that of their brand new iPhone quality. And they come with the same one year warranty too. It is literally the same as buying a brand new iPhone, except the prices are much lower. You can expect to save at least 15% off the retail price, but some are being sold at even bigger discounts.

Apple have offered refurbished iPhone on a few previous models of iPhone, but not for too long. These deals look like they are likely to stick around for longer, but it is probably best to check them out ASAP, as we never know when Apple may stop to sell their own manufacturer-refurbished iPhone.

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