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What Can We Expect From Apple in 2017?

Believe it or not, we at RefurbMe can’t predict the future, although we tried. But looking at the very limited knowledge the world has, of Apple’s plans for 2017, this is what we thing they have in store for us.

iPhone 8

iphone 8 concept

We will see the next generation iPhone towards the end of 2017. It’ll be the tenth anniversary of the iPhone. We expect a new design, with a processor and improved graphics speed, of course. It’s likely they may add wireless charging, an OLED display and maybe even a curved screen. There haven’t been any leaks yet, so we are simply guessing at this stage – although we are excited already!

New Mac Mini

new mac mini 2017

We haven’t seen an update to the Mac Mini in a long time, and since it still has a user base, it is unlikely, although possible, that Apple will discontinue it’s small desktop box. We think they will release an updated version with a similar design and price point, but with the addition of USB-C and possibly Intel’s new Kaby Lake processors.

What do you guys think? Anyone desperate for a new Mac Mini?

New iMac

imac 2017 design

Will we see new iMacs? Probably. Will they come with an exciting design upgrade like above? Somehow, we doubt it tremendously. USB-C connectivity and improved performance will probably be the main features of the upgrade. But who knows – Apple likes to surprise us every so often!

New Spaceship HQ

apple campus 2

12,000 Apple employees will finally move into their new spaceship-shaped campus in Cupertino, California.

New Technologies?

apple car 2017

Many of us are waiting to see Apple take on AR and VR, and even AI. And we’d all love to see an Apple Car. We don’t think 2017 will bring any revolutionary new products from Apple yet – let’s give them until 2018.

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