Find Cheap and Reliable Apple products

How to Quickly Find Cheap But Reliable Apple Products

There’s never anything wrong with trying to save a few bucks, right? The problem is, Apple rarely releases any cheap options on its new generation products, so you always have to pay full price. 

Many people can’t afford to spend $1,000+ on a phone or other Apple device. Luckily, we live in an exciting world full of solutions to every problem you might have. In this article, we’re covering the simplest and easiest way for you to find cheap apple products that will hold up over time. 

Shop for Refurbished Apple Products

The best way to save some money while still getting a high performing Apple product is to shop for refurbished devices. There are so many bonuses to choosing refurbished Apple products. You might also see refurbished, called “refurbed,” “reconditioned” or “remanufactured.” 

These Apple products are generally sold at a huge discount because they’ve had a previous owner. While they did sit in possession of someone else before, it’s important to understand all the many benefits of refurbished Apple products. 

Shopping refurbished devices will save you a ton of money, and RefurbMe makes it super simple and easy to find the best deals on the products you want. 

The Difference Between “Refurbished and” “Used”

The main difference between these two words is what happens when the first owner gives up their device. A “used” apple product is one that you’ve purchased “as-is” from a previous owner. These devices don’t go through any form of a checklist, and they aren’t updated or changed in any way. You’re getting that iPhone exactly how it was when the person before you had it. 

With refurbished Apple products, these devices are brought back to their full functionality by all means necessary. Refurbished products perform like they are brand new, even though they are pre-owned. 

For example, if the battery wasn’t working properly on the iPhone, they would put a new battery in it. If something wasn’t working on the MacBook that would get fixed as well. Refurbishing is the process of taking something that is pre-owned and bringing it back to its glory. 

The Benefits of Refurbished Apple Products

Now that you understand the importance of shopping for refurbished Apple products, let’s take a look at some of the benefits. 

The Apple product will work like a new one

One of the most significant differences between “used” and refurbished is the fact that your Apple product will behave and work like a brand new one. Refurbishers are responsible for fixing any issues with the device to ensure it is fully functional. 

Testing is everything

When an Apple product is refurbished, it runs through a testing process, including hardware and software testing. These tests ensure that the product sold is reliable, and there are no issues to troubleshoot. If the person testing the Apple product finds something wrong, they will work to fix that as well. 

That is one of the major downsides of “used” products because you’re usually buying something from someone who doesn’t know anything about their device. At RefurbMe, we only list Apple products from certified refurbishers. You know you’re getting a legitimately refurbished device, not something someone through together in their living room.

Refurbished Apple products are clean

Most refurbished devices have a short life with their previous owner, or they’ve been on display shelves, so they get dirty during this time. All refurbished devices go through an extensive cleaning process to ensure they look like new when you get them. The refurbisher will check all the ports, clean dust from any keyboards, and check the internal components for excess dust build-up. Your refurbished device can look shiny and brand-spanking-new when you receive it. 

All previous data gets wiped

Many refurbishers will claim to wipe all data from the hard drive. If you dig a little deeper, you can still find some things about the previous owner. The last thing we want to see is homemade movies and screenshots of “Words With Friends.” 

Having previous user data on your new device takes away from your enjoyment because you have to go through and get rid of it. It’s almost like buying a car full of the previous owner’s garbage, and now you have to clean it out. 

It’s not cool…

When a device gets appropriately refurbished, they wipe all the data (ALL OF IT). Regardless of what type of Apple product you choose, it will have a completely open and fresh hard drive for you to fill up with your own stuff. 

Refurbished Apple products come with warranties

Not refurbishers offer warranties, and that is one thing that makes us picky. We don’t believe in purchasing expensive Apple products without having a warranty in place for protection. All of the deals on RefurbMe have warranties, and some allow you to pay for an upgraded warranty so you can receive multiple year coverage. 

Find Cheap Apple Products that are Reliable

If you’re looking to save some money, you could scour the internet for hours trying to find cheap Apple products. It’s hard when everything is scattered about rather than all in one place. The downside of this strategy is that you’ll likely spend a lot of time looking at products that are either overpriced or in poor condition. 

You could also check places like the Facebook Marketplace, but you never know who you’re buying from, and it generally requires you to go meet with someone in your local area. This strategy is a bit skeptical, and it’s easy to get taken advantage of if you don’t know a lot about the device you’re buying. 

The best way to find cheap Apple products is through RefurbMe. Our website allows users to browse thousands of Apple products from certified refurbishers. We vet these refurbishers and only use the most reputable companies like Apple and Gazelle

RefurbMe puts the power in your hand by setting you up with notifications whenever a certain configuration is in stock or in your price range. We compare all offers to offer the lowest possible price for the highest quality Apple products. 

We provide the smartest way to shop and monitor Apple’s refurbished products. 

Final Thoughts

Purchasing refurbished Apple products is a great way to get cheap and reliable Apple products that doesn’t feel pre-owned. Make sure you slide on over to RefurbMe and browse our inventory. We have tons of devices that we’re sure you’ll love. 

Thanks for reading and happy shopping!