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5 Tricks for Saving Money in 2017

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1. Set up automated savings

automated savings

Like a direct debit, but without losing any money, set up an automated payment into your savings account each month, to force you to make that saving. You will learn to adapt to missing this amount of money each month.

2. Sunday meal preparation

meal prep save money

Every Sunday evening, a select number of clever individuals around the world, prepare all of the next weeks meals in a few hours, putting some in the fridge, some in the freezer, and some in the cupboard. Cooking many meals in bulk saves a lot of money, and even more time and stress!

3. Money matching

good money bad money

Are you spending money on bad things? Maybe cigarettes or alcohol? Or even chocolate? Every time you spend a certain amount on one of your bad habits, transfer exactly the same amount into your savings account. Taxing your own bad purchases will help you stop bad habits, and save up money for the future, at exactly the same time.

4. Collect loose change (but actually do it)

money saving

This is so obvious, but not many of us do it. Literally get a box and fill it with every single coin you receive as change. It will add up quickly, and can be used in emergencies, of for those times you want to treat yourself.

5. Use a monitoring app

money saving app

We recommend using an app like Albert which automatically monitors all your finances, and makes you realize just where you are wasting money. From simply being made aware of silly expenses, you will naturally cut down on spending.

You got any other cool ideas? Whack them in the comments!

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