Apple’s iPhone is powerful and useful in its own right. However, you don’t need to rely solely on your iPhone’s capabilities; there is a vast range of accessories available in the market that can make the experience even better. We have rounded up ten of the best iPhone accessories in 2023 that can improve your smartphone’s features, mobility, battery life, and safety.

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The AirPods are the most popular Apple accessory for your iPhone. They have revolutionized the wireless earphone game with their ergonomy, sound quality, and spatial audio in the most recent models.

They are a comfortable fit for any lifestyle and give a total of 24-hour battery life with a charging case. Besides, you only need one tap to set up for any Apple device, and voilà! It’s instantly connected to your iPhone.

The Apple Certified Refurbished AirPods are an excellent choice if you are on a tight budget or want to save money. Apple itself sells them with the same quality standards as a brand-new product.

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Apple Watch

The appraised Apple Watch is one of the best accessories for your iPhone. The best-selling smartwatch can free you from glancing at your phone and performing the necessary tasks without taking it out of your pocket. In addition to its common features, an Apple Watch can unlock your Mac, update to the latest software, clear all notifications, take an ECG reading, and many more.

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And a refurbished Apple Watch is the cherry on top, with up to 60% discounted prices and more. Check availability below and compare all models:



Apple’s AirTags are lost item trackers. The small circular tag is designed to be attached to items like keys and wallets to allow these accessories to be tracked using Bluetooth right alongside Apple devices. Additionally, the U1 Precision Finding chip is helpful to get around that. With some limitations, each AirTag can be engraved with four letters or emojis. 

AirTags can be added and managed under the Items tab in the ‌Find My‌ App that Apple introduced in iOS 14.3. They can connect to your iOS and macOS devices over Bluetooth, and it offers features like precision findings and built-in speakers to play a sound to find a lost AirTag. You can operate it via Find My App or ask Siri voice assistant to do it. Lastly, they are water-resistant.

View AirTags on Apple Store

Anker 313 Power Bank (PowerCore 10K)

Anker 313 Power Bank (PowerCore 10K) product photo

Are you always on the move and in need of a reliable power source for your gadgets? Look no further than the Anker 313 Power Bank (PowerCore 10K). Boasting a 10,000mAh capacity, this sleek device is surprisingly lightweight and compact, making it the perfect travel companion.

Whether you’re recharging your iPhone, headphones, or tablets, it ensures optimal charging, even offering a specialized trickle-charging mode for low-power devices. And with dual input options (Micro USB or USB-C), recharging the power bank itself is a breeze.

View Anker 313 Power Bank (PowerCore 10K) on Amazon

MagSafe Battery Pack

MagSafe Battery Pack attached to iPhones
Image credit: Apple

Apple came out with Smart Battery Case in 2019, and the MagSafe Battery Pack superseded it. If you need to charge your iPhone 12, 13, and 14 series on the move, this pack will do it automatically while attached to your handset and without turning it on and off. You can then charge your MagSafe Battery Pack with up to 15W wireless charging and a 20W power adapter.

View MagSafe Battery Pack on Apple Store

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Hyphen-X USB-C Charger

Hyphen-X USB-C Charger product photo

The Hyphen-X USB C Charger has one socket through which you can fast charge four devices simultaneously at full speed and save up to 1 hour of charging time. All ports support quick charging protocols. Therefore, only one charger can meet all your charging needs.

It is compatible with your iPhone, MacBook, iPad, and other accessories and has a USB output port. If you travel with several devices and struggle to keep everything charged and organized, this may be one of the best accessories for your iPhone and other gadgets.

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Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Stand 10W

Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Stand 10W product photo

Crafted for Qi-enabled devices, this stand is perfect for iPhone models from 8 and later, including iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR. The stand is engineered to allow charging in both portrait and landscape modes, ensuring uninterrupted access to your phone’s apps, calls, and texts. Beyond its convenience, the Boost Up Stand ensures fast wireless charging speeds, delivering up to 7.5W for iPhones, 9W for Samsung devices, and up to 10W for other Qi-enabled devices.

View Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Stand 10W on Amazon

HomePod mini 

The HomePod mini acts as a touch-sensitive pad that you can use to invoke Siri, play or pause music, or adjust the volume. It is shaped like a magic-8 ball with a flat top. Its sound quality is excellent, and it has more bass than other small smart speakers.

It is a genuine Apple product and works best with the ecosystem. Furthermore, a refurbished HomePod mini with a warranty is an affordable option for this product.

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Apple Leather Case

iPhone leather case designed by Apple

For those who like the feel and elegant look of leather, we have a perfect option for the iPhone: Apple’s official leather case. It is made from specially tanned and finished leather with built-in magnets and MagSafe compatibility. It looks great, though it’s designed to protect your phone from scratches and drops. Choose your model below:

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View iPhone 13 Leather Case on Amazon

iOttie iTap 2 Magnetic Mount

iOttie iTap 2 Magnetic Mount product photo

One of the best iPhone accessories for drivers is a magnetic car mount, especially if you don’t know the directions or can’t remember them. It is the most convenient and easiest-to-use option for holding your phone in a car.

The iOttie iTap 2 Magnetic Mount is sturdy and easy to set up and carry around. This model features two stronghold magnets powerful enough to handle your iPhone and a rotating ball joint that provides a 360-degree viewing angle to enhance your view.

View iOttie iTap 2 Magnetic Mount on Amazon


The best accessories for your iPhone for you depend on your daily usage. However, we are confident that many of the items listed in this article can offer you comfort and ease of mind even if you haven’t thought about them before, such as the Apple Watch or a power bank for battery capacity increase.

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