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How mac of all trades’ Refurbishment Process Ensures High-Quality Apple Products

Founded in 1995 and based in Tampa, FL, certified refurbished retailer mac of all trades has been refurbishing and selling Apple products for 23 years. Mac of all trades is synonymous with high quality, low pricing, and a great reputation. Its buying power allows them to acquire inventory strategically from working environments emphasizing high cosmetic and operational standards. Mac of all trades’ excellent reputation hinges on the refurbishment process. Its technicians are highly skilled, diligent, and the take great care in testing and refurbishing. Here is how the process works:

How Are mac of all trades Technicians Trained?

Becoming a skilled and dependable technician requires far more than familiarity with the Mac family (i.e. mac of all trades does not hire people who were trained by MacBook repair tutorials on YouTube). The company is very selective about whom they hire and require pre-existing experience in Apple repairs as well as Apple Certified Mac Technician (ACMT) qualification for certain positions. These technicians must also stay within the company’s stringent guidelines.

Apple itself operates the ACMT and Apple Certified iOS Technician (ACiT) training courses. These courses allow Apple (and third-parties) to recognize someone’s talent at repairing and troubleshooting Macs and iOS devices for both hardware and software. The courses include multiple exams and address topics such as the correct configuration of features, how to set up security features, how to use Apple documentation and approved tools to perform and record repairs, and much more.

mac of all trades MacBook testing process

How Does mac of all trades Refurbish its Products?

The refurbishment process is strict. After carefully unpacking the Apple product they have purchased, mac of all trades’ technicians perform a 40-point testing process. This Visual/Mechanical Inspection (VMI) involves the product being inspected for cosmetic or operational issues and basic functionality tests (e.g. hard drive, microphone, speakers, and camera, etc.). More comprehensive hardware testing then begins as components, battery life, network interfaces, and video graphics are all thoroughly tested.

Mac of All Trades refurbished grading process allows you to choose the cosmetic quality of the equipment before you buy. Products are priced accordingly based on “Good” or “Excellent” condition. Items in less than “Good” condition are not available in the regular sections of its website.

Products the company refurbish come from working environments, and hardware issues are rare. In the event there is an issue, it is properly repaired and re-tested. After units have fully passed all testing, mac of all trades’ detailers clean, shrink-wrap, and label each piece. Website orders usually ship the same day ordered and include a 90-day warranty.

Mac of all trades’ Great Pricing

Rigorous refurbishing and higher quality do not necessarily lead to higher pricing. Mac of all trades offers big discounts on refurbished MacBooks when compared to competitors or their brand new equivalents.

Prices for the refurbished MacBook Air 13-inch, for example, begin at $549 (for the 2014 release, 4GM RAM, 128GB storage) which is a discount of $450 (45%) off retail pricing. The highest discount available is for the 2015 version of the laptop (8GB RAM, 512GB storage) which costs $779, a saving of $820 (51%) compared to buying brand new.

If you need something a bit more powerful, there are similar deals for the MacBook Pro. Prices for the refurbished MacBook Pro 13-inch start at $449 (for the 2012 version, 4GB RAM, 500GB storage) which is a discount of $750 (63%). The MacBook Pro 15-inch costs more at $749 (a saving of $1,050 or 58%). This is a good price considering you are getting a substantially larger screen and 500GB of storage. (All MacBook prices correct at the time of writing).

There are more offers available on MacBooks – including those released in different years and different screen sizes, speeds, etc. You can compare all of mac of all trades’ refurbished MacBook deals here.

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