What You Need to Know About Buying a Refurbished Cheap Apple Watch

Apple Watches are quite popular devices in 2019. They have that “futuristic” flair that all tech fans strive for, and they have many fantastic benefits as a (mostly) hands-free device. And luckily, it is possible to find a great cheap Apple watch that won’t break the bank.

The downside to Apple Watches is that they are downright expensive. Apple Watch Series 5 will run you about $800 or more. The Apple-made straps alone are expensive too at around $50 a pop.

So what can the tech lover on a budget do to get a cheap Apple watch? It’s actually not that difficult of a task– refurbished Apple Watches are actually a great alternative to buying new. And we’re going to cover everything you need to know about cheap Apple Watches and how to find them.

1. What exactly is a refurbished Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch is a type of smartwatch from the software company Apple. It incorporates a number of features, which include:

  • Basic watch functions
  • Activity tracking
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Sleep tracking
  • Stress management
  • Hands-free calling and messaging
  • Siri
  • Shopping capabilities

To put it simply, smartwatches like the Apple Watch are extremely useful for everyday life. Currently, there are five different series of the Apple Watch, the newest being Apple Watch Series 5. Still, it’s worth noting that one will need an iPhone in order to take full advantage of the Apple Watch.

A used or damaged Apple Watch goes to the manufacturer or a third-party retailer to be completely repaired. A refurbished device goes through tests for optimum functionality as well as troubleshooting to verify it will have no defects. 

2. Are refurbished Apple Watches actually cheaper than new ones?

Refurbished products are almost always significantly cheaper than new products. Because they are technically used products, they aren’t granted the same value as new or unopened Apple Watches.

3. Will a refurbished Apple Watch work as well and look as good as a new one?

Yes! A properly refurbished Apple Watch will have all of the same functionality as well as processing ability as a new Apple Watch. All refurbished products endure tests before they will list for sale. Now, that doesn’t mean that the longevity of a refurbished Apple Watch is identical to a new product– it’s still technically an older model. Just as well, some refurbished products may have some cosmetic wear that will make the device look noticeably used. RefurbMe makes sure to note any cosmetic discrepancies in our product pages.

It’s worth noting that refurbished Apple Watches are older models– they won’t necessarily have all the bells and whistles of newer models. You can still enjoy the benefits that Apple Watches at a base level provide at a cheaper price by purchasing them refurbished.

4. Are refurbished cheap Apple Watches properly tested?

Very much so. Testing is one of the most important stages in refurbishing an Apple Watch. All products go through a rigorous testing process that includes hardware, software, applications, connectivity, and everything in between. Only products that pass each and every testing stage will make it to our website.

In the event we discover some problems, we’ll troubleshoot the problems and choose to either fix it or scrap the item entirely. You won’t receive a poorly-working used product if you buy refurbished.

5. Are refurbished Apple Watches cleaned before shipping?

RefurbMe’s refurbishing team makes sure that all of our refurbished Apple Watches are properly cleaned to perfection before shipment. Refurbished items were once used by a previous owner or as a display model at a store– which means lots of touching and use. As a result, we make sure to sterilize our products so they are sparkling and dust-free. Furthermore, we clean the internal parts of the device in addition to the external parts.

6. Are refurbished Apple Watches safe to use?

In the context of user data, yes. Apple Watches are completely wiped of any and all user data during the refurbishing process. You won’t have to worry about accidentally accessing someone’s Apple Watch data.

Another safety concern some consumers may have is environmental safety. It’s no secret that producing new electronics is costly for the environment and our energy consumption.

The team at RefurbMe understands that environmentally-conscious consumers want to enjoy excellent Apple products without contributing to waste. Purchasing a refurbished device through RefurbMe is an excellent way to do so– our products are fully refurbished and require notably fewer materials and less energy consumption to bring used products up to par. For example, a refurbished Apple watch will require less aluminum than a new Apple watch.

In addition to being data safe, refurbished Apple watches are environmentally safe as well.

7. How can someone find a cheap Apple Watch?

The Apple website boasts a section for refurbished Apple products and currently carries a variety of refurbished Apple Watches. Depending on the type of Apple watch available, you may be able to save $40 to $100 on a product when doing directly through Apple.

RefurbMe is an excellent place to find a cheap Apple Watch. RefurbMe carries a variety of top-tier refurbished Apple products, from Apple Watches to Macbooks to iPhones. Furthermore, all refurbished Apple products from RefurbMe come with a warranty and a money-back guarantee, and our return process is famously easy!

8. Are warranties included for a cheap Apple Watch?

Believe it or not, yes! All of RefurbMe’s products have a warranty included. In most cases, you can choose from several different warranties at different prices. Our Mac of All Trades warranty spans 90 days and our Backmarket warranty spans twelve months. It’s important to read more into each warranty available to see what you’re personally comfortable with. Most warranties for refurbished products cover software, internal problems, and external damage.
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