Choosing between the best Apple Watch faces is an excellent way to enhance your experience with the smartwatch and get the information you need at a glance. More than showing the current time and a beautiful selection of colors and designs, a face can display your heart rate, battery life, current weather, additional complications with supplementary information, and a wide range of customizable features. Here’s when the best Apple Watch face apps come into play.

watchOS offers tons of customization options for the Apple Watch. However, you may want to personalize them even further and have more flexibility. We have compiled ten of the best third-party Apple Watch face apps you can use for that task. Keep reading!

Watch Faces PRO

Watch Faces PRO app icon

Watch Faces PRO by Hyperday MB holds a huge number of faces from exclusive collections with more than 10,000 photos and designs to choose from. At the same time, you can choose to install live watch faces with added tracking, battery status, and weather data functions. The app lets you customize the layout and color of complications and is compatible with Apple Watch Series 3 and newer.

Visit the Watch Faces PRO site to get a glimpse of the most popular faces shared by the community and know which ones suit your style best and if they have the complications you need for your smartwatch.

💲 Price: Free | Live Watch Faces – Annual: $7.99
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Watch Faces by Facer

Watch Faces by Facer app icon

Watch Faces by Facer is one of the best Apple Watch face apps and certainly one of the most popular. It offers thousands of photos and designs to make the most out of your Watch, including original designs from curated collections from brands and designers.

You will be able to personalize complications further by using the create mode and can connect to HealthKit in order to display heart rate data and steps walked in compatible designs. Facer also works with Wear OS, Tizen, and other smartwatch devices and integrates perfectly with your Apple Watch.

💲 Price: Free | Premium: $4.99
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Watchsmith app icon

Watchsmith lets you create the design you wish for your Apple Watch with fully customizable complications. These custom complications can be adjusted to fit your desired function and appearance. What we like about the app is that instead of just offering watch faces to download and install from scratch, you can choose between various dynamic complications and schedule them to appear based on your rules.

In addition, Watchsmith includes several tools and functions, like a weather app, workout app, calendar, and games, and seamlessly integrates with Apple Health. Subscribing to the premium version unlocks additional features. It requires watchOS 7 or later.

💲 Price: Free | Premium: $1.99 monthly
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Watchsmith app screenshots


Clockology app icon

Clockology is one of the best Apple Watch face apps to create your own but also use what other users have designed. The interactive clocks you can make are powered by an editor that lets you add and tailor the information and visuals you want to see in your smartwatch. The app supports video, sounds, date and time, weather, and device layer types.

Check out the Clockology community Subreddit, where you can find impressive designs created by users and choose the ones you love for your smartwatch.

💲 Price: Free | Clockology+: starts at $1.99 monthly
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Clockology app screenshots

Watch Face Albums

Watch Face Albums app icon

If you want to download beautiful wallpapers for your Apple Watch, Watch Face Albums can be your choice. You can get as many wallpapers as you wish from many different categories, and a Today Free section and Today Recommended will help you with it.

Watch Face albums offer a selection of complications to sync with your Apple Watch, such as Countdown, Anniversary, Watch Sticker, and Week Progress. To access all complications, you need to subscribe to a plan.

💲 Price: Free | Premium: $1.49 monthly or $8.99 yearly
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Watch Face Albums app screenshots

Watch Faces 100,000 WatchMaker

Watch Faces 100,000 WatchMaker app icon

With a self-explanatory name, Watch Faces 100,000 WatchMaker is supported on many smartwatches. It has a vast collection of watch faces and a list of options to create your own, such as animations, charts, activity rings, cool text effects, countdowns, and programmable watches.

It’s not a free app, and its cost can be substantial. However, we suggest you try the three-day trial and see the thousands of available options for your Apple Watch. The seemingly unlimited designs may convince you that it is one of the best Apple Watch face apps out there.

💲 Price: Free | Premium starting at $3.99 weekly, $11.99 monthly, or $49.99 yearly
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Watch Faces 100,000 WatchMaker app screenshots


StepDog app icon

Pet owners will love it! StepDog is an Apple Watch face with a virtual pet that lives inside the smartwatch. It helps you reach your step goal by tracking your daily steps by walking your dog. Once finished, it will sleep. It really is something similar to the popular Tamagotchi and can be a powerful motivator to go walk outside. Even if the app offers one modular face, it provides excellent customization, although you must subscribe for it (prices are affordable).

💲 Price: Free | Premium pack: $0.99 | Set of all dogs: $1.99
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StepDog app screenshots


Watchfacely app icon

Get the best Apple Watch faces ideas with Watchfacely. Upon entering the app, you will be able to find the most famous watch faces for the week, and the new additions will appear if you scroll down. There are tons of faces to choose from and the possibility to customize them. Its collection lets users maximize the space of the smartwatch, configure colors, and easily share their profiles with the community.

You can visit the Watchfacely site to see featured and most recent faces, where you can also browse them with tags.

💲 Price: Free | Subscription starts at $4.99
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Watchfacely app screenshots

Watch Faces Gallery & Widgets app icon

Watch Faces Gallery & Widgets is available for Series 4 and newer and includes a one-click install feature. The app is basically a wallpaper creator for your Apple Watch, which lets you also customize complications. It can also show Health data with steps and distance. It’s one of the best Apple Watch face apps for those who are looking for an affordable option with no subscription and tons of designs.

💲 Price: Free | Premium for lifetime: $6.99
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Watch Faces Gallery & Widgets app screenshots


Buddywatch app icon

Last but not least comes Buddywatch, another fantastic app for finding beautiful Apple Watch face wallpapers organized by categories and compatibility. It offers a great selection of colors and designs; some come with functional complications.

Buddywatch lets you save watch faces to your profile, match bands with faces, link your watches to get more accurate results and get customized suggestions based on your preferences. Moreover, you can create and save your creations in your library.

💲 Price: Free | Buddy VIP: starts at $3.49 weekly and $6.99 monthly
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Buddywatch app screenshots

Final thoughts

With the release of watchOS 9, Apple Watch faces are getting even more attention and are more customizable every year. These apps will help you create and edit an Apple Watch face with even more flexibility and design options.

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Also, don’t hesitate to know which are the best Apple Watch accessories to enhance your experience even more.

Good luck!