A MacBook is a powerful laptop with an ergonomic design, an excellent battery life, and for a reasonable price—considering its high durability—that can enhance your productivity and help you run the most demanding tasks. Like every other Apple product, you can get a MacBook accessory that can improve, protect, or simplify your experience with the laptop. We have compiled a list of what we consider to be the best MacBook accessories pertaining to mobility, comfortability, and versatility.

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1. UPERFECT Truely 4K Computer Monitor 15.6″

UPERFECT Truely 4K Computer Monitor 15.6

Buy UPERFECT Truely 4K Computer Monitor 15.6″ on Amazon

The UPERFECT Truely 4K Computer Monitor delivers stunning visuals with its 4K resolution and exceptional color accuracy thanks to the 100% Adobe RGB color space. This makes it an excellent choice for creative professionals who work with photos, videos, or graphic design. HDR support and FreeSync add to the viewing experience.

Its portable design, with multiple connection options (HDMI, Mini DP, USB-C) offers great flexibility. The included smart case doubles as a stand for convenient setup anywhere. While not ideal for hardcore gamers, the UPERFECT monitor is a fantastic portable display for those demanding top-notch image quality.

2. Timbuk2 Authority Laptop Backpack Deluxe

Timbuk2 Authority Laptop Backpack Deluxe product photo

Buy Timbuk2 Authority Laptop Backpack Deluxe on Amazon

Buying a MacBook can be a significant investment. For this reason, you may need a travel backpack to protect it when carrying it around. The Timbuk2 Authority Laptop Backpack Deluxe is a smart choice for professionals who want a well-organized and durable bag.

It comfortably carries your laptop (up to 17 inches), essentials, and features a water-resistant bottom for added protection. The padded straps and breathable back panel ensure a comfortable experience, while the luggage pass-through makes traveling a breeze.

Made with recycled materials, the Timbuk2 Authority Laptop Backpack Deluxe reflects a commitment to quality and sustainability. This bag is built to last and offers a reliable way to transport your gear in organized style.

3. Hyphen-X USB-C GaN Charger

Hyphen-X 100W USB-C GaN Charger product photo

Buy Hyphen-X 100W USB-C GaN Charger on Amazon

The Hyphen-X USB C charger can fast charge four devices simultaneously at full speed and save up to 1 hour of charging time. A portable charger can serve you well if you plan to carry your laptop around for many hours—like using your MacBook for college—while using your smartphone or any other device.

Its small size and foldable prongs make it the perfect travel companion, ensuring your devices are always ready to go, wherever you are.

4. Logitech MK545 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Logitech MK545 Advanced Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo product photo

Buy Logitech MK545 Advanced Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo on Amazon

The Logitech MK545 Advanced Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo offers a familiar, comfortable typing and mousing experience and it’s easily one of the best MacBook accessories you can get. The full-sized keyboard features a standard layout for easy use, while the contoured mouse fits naturally in either hand.

Ideal for those who value precision and reliability, this combo boasts impressive battery life with up to 36 months for the keyboard and 24 months for the mouse. It’s a simple, plug-and-play solution thanks to the Logitech Unifying USB receiver that connects both devices wirelessly.

5. Logitech C920 HD PRO Webcam

Logitech C920 HD PRO Webcam product photo

Buy Logitech C920 HD PRO Webcam on Amazon

The Logitech C920 HD PRO Webcam delivers crystal-clear video calls with Full HD 1080p resolution, a 78° field of view, and automatic light correction. It provides a professional video experience with its glass lens, autofocus, and dual microphones for clear stereo audio.

Easy to set up and use, the C920 is perfect for video conferencing, recording, or streaming. You can customize video settings and ensure seamless meetings with the Logi Tune webcam software.

6. Western Digital 5TB My Passport Ultra

Western Digital 5TB My Passport Ultra product photo

Buy Western Digital 5TB My Passport Ultra on Amazon

Adding an external drive to your MacBook is a cost-effective and easy way to increase your storage capacity. For some professionals, having external storage is a necessity.

We like the Western Digital 5TB My Passport Ultra because it’s compatible with USB-C and USB 3.1 and is one of the best-quality hard drives on the market with a 3-year limited warranty. It is perfectly suitable for your MacBook with a stunning capacity of up to 5TB.

In addition, it offers password protection with 256-bit AES hardware encryption.

7. Apple 96W USB-C Power Adapter

Apple 96W USB-C Power Adapter product photo

Buy 96W USB-C Power Adapter on the Apple Store

Even if the MacBook has an excellent battery capacity, continuous use may drain it out. This is usually a thing when you need to travel a lot or have to use it for demanding tasks in places you can’t charge it. In these cases, you should consider an official 96W USB-C Power Adapter sold by Apple.

Use it to charge your MacBook on the go, in your home, or in the office. It’s also compatible with many USB-C devices and charging cables. Apple recommends using it with a USB-C to MagSafe 3 Cable or USB-C Charge Cable, so you can fast charge your device whenever compatible.

8. F FORITO 2 PACK Anti Glare Screen Protector

F FORITO 2 PACK Anti Glare Laptop Screen Protector product photo

Buy F FORITO 2 PACK Anti Glare Laptop Screen Protector on Amazon

Designed for optimal compatibility with MacBook Air 13″ (2018-2020, Touch ID models) and MacBook Pro 13″ (2016-2022 models), this F FORITO screen protector provides essential protection and viewing comfort. The matte finish significantly reduces glare and reflections, making it easier to work in bright environments or outdoors. This reduces eye strain while also safeguarding your screen from scratches and fingerprints.

You’ll get two screen protectors along with the necessary tools for application. Note that the matte finish may slightly impact screen clarity, but the tradeoff in eye comfort and glare reduction is often worthwhile. Although simple, it can easily be one of the best MacBook accessories you can get in this list.

9. Sony WH-1000XM4 Noise Canceling Headphones

Renewed Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones product photo

Buy Renewed Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones on Amazon

Wireless headphones or earbuds are the standards today—the sound quality difference compared to wired ones isn’t noticeable. These renewed Sony wireless headphones have been professionally inspected, tested, and cleaned by Amazon expert technicians.

The Sony WH-1000XM4 headphones deliver industry-leading noise cancellation, blocking out distractions so you can fully immerse yourself in music, podcasts, or phone calls. Enjoy incredible audio quality thanks to features like Edge-AI and DSEE Extreme, which upscale your music files for a high-fidelity listening experience.

Designed for all-day wear, the WH-1000XM4 headphones provide exceptional comfort with soft, pressure-relieving earpads. Seamlessly switch between devices, control the headphones with intuitive touch sensors, and enjoy up to 30 hours of wireless listening on a single charge.

10. Nulaxy Laptop Stand

Nulaxy Laptop Stand product photo

Buy Nulaxy Laptop Stand on Amazon

The Nulaxy Laptop Stand can be one of the best MacBook accessories for your comfort. Designed for optimal heat dissipation with its open back, it ensures your laptop stays cool. Its ergonomic design elevates the screen to 7 inches, promoting better posture and reducing strain.

Created with premium aluminum alloy, it’s sturdy, supports up to 22 lbs, and features protective rubber pads. It’s easily detachable for simple storage. Rated top on Amazon, it’s a high-quality accessory that comes at a fraction of the price of its competitors.


The best MacBook accessories offer a wide range of possibilities to personalize your experience. From external displays, ergonomic add-ons, and powerful chargers to protective gear and noise-canceling headphones, there’s an accessory for every need. Consider these top picks when seeking ways to enhance your productivity, improve your working environment, or simply protect your MacBook investment.

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