When it comes to Amazon, we all know that it can be a reliable source for just about any product you can imagine. However, is this the case with Renewed products? The Amazon Renewed program sells tons of refurbished products via third-party sellers that are listed on the site that you can save money with. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll share everything you need to know about Amazon Renewed, from cosmetic conditions and warranty to pricing and product availability.

1. What is Amazon Renewed?

Amazon Renewed is a program offered by Amazon that allows third-party sellers to list refurbished items on their marketplace.

The items must pass rigorous testing and quality checks, and they come with a minimum 90-day warranty and the Amazon Renewed Guarantee. Customers can purchase anything from electronics like iPhones, MacBooks, and laptops, to tools and household appliances like dishwashers and refrigerators.

All products sold through Amazon Renewed are in fully working condition and have been inspected, tested, and cleaned by Amazon-qualified technicians. This makes Amazon Renewed an excellent option for budget-conscious shoppers looking for quality products at discounted prices.

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2. Are Amazon Renewed products the same as refurbished ones?

Amazon Renewed products are refurbished products, although there are some differences to take into consideration, which have more to do with the brand and the e-commerce themselves.

Refurbished products are used and returned because they did not work properly at first or the customer changed their mind, and they are sold by any certified merchant.

On the other hand, Amazon Renewed products are also refurbished products and are tested and certified to work and look like new, but they are only sold through the company’s marketplace. In addition, they also sell open-box and pre-owned products. You can learn all the differences in our posts below:

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3. What type of tech items does Amazon Renewed offer?

Amazon Renewed offers a wide variety of tech products for customers to choose from, ranging from smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, laptops, wearables, and cameras to home and kitchen appliances, office products, video games, and more.

Amazon Renewed product categories

4. How to know if a product is from Amazon Renewed

It’s simple. When searching for a product on Amazon, look for the word “Renewed” in the product title. If you click on the product page to access the details, you can also click on Visit the Amazon Renewed Store below the product title to see more items from the same program. This way, you’ll be able to look for more items of your interest only from Amazon Renewed and navigate by categories.

How to visit Amazon Renewed store through the product page

5. Which are the different cosmetic conditions on Amazon Renewed?

The four different cosmetic conditions on Amazon Renewed are Premium, Excellent, Good, and Acceptable.

Cosmetic conditionVisible damageBattery capacityWarranty
PremiumNo signs from 12 inches away>90%1 year satisfaction guarantee
ExcellentNo signs from 12 inches away>80%90-day Amazon Renewed Guarantee
GoodVisible minor imperfections from 12 inches away>80%90-day Amazon Renewed Guarantee
AcceptableVisible scratches and perceptible to touch>80%90-day Amazon Renewed Guarantee

6. Does Amazon Renewed inspect products before selling them?

Yes, Amazon Renewed inspects products before selling them. All products must be professionally inspected and tested by Amazon-qualified suppliers and come with a minimum 90-day supplier-backed warranty.

The inspection and testing process typically includes a full diagnostic test, replacement of any faulty parts, and a thorough cleaning process. Amazon Renewed is also responsible for professionally inspecting, cleaning, fixing, and repackaging these products before listing them for sale.

7. Benefits of Amazon Renewed

Amazon Renewed offers a range of benefits.

For buyers:

  1. Affordable prices. Products are usually much cheaper than brand-new items.
  2. Convenient shopping. All the benefits from the familiar Amazon user experience.
  3. Amazon Prime. Most products are eligible for Amazon Prime.
  4. Large stock. Thousands of items to choose from.
  5. Highly curated selection. Only the best quality items are available.
  6. Warranty included. All Renewed items come with a warranty from the seller.
  7. As good as new. Renewed items function the same as brand-new ones.
  8. Inspected by Amazon. All Renewed items are professionally inspected and tested by Amazon-qualified suppliers.
  9. Eco-friendly packaging. Their packaging materials are recycled or have been repurposed to reduce waste and boost the circular economy.

For sellers:

  1. Higher chance of a sale. Buyers are more likely to purchase Renewed items with a warranty.
  2. Exclusive program. Sellers must apply and be approved before they can join the program.
  3. Earn trust from buyers. Buyers recognize that Renewed items come from trusted sellers.
  4. Access to Amazon’s powerful fulfillment system. Fast and reliable shipping and returns.
  5. Promotional tools. Access to Amazon’s promotional tools to help increase sales

8. Disadvantages of Amazon Renewed

The disadvantages of Amazon Renewed include:

  1. Strict standards. Sellers must adhere to strict standards in order to list their products in the program.
  2. High competition. Sellers may find it difficult to compete with other sellers, as Renewed is a competitive marketplace.
  3. Limited product types. Amazon Renewed only accepts certain types of products and product categories.
  4. Increased chance of returns. Renewed items may face more customer returns than other Amazon products.
  5. Renewed unfamiliarity. Customers may miss the Renewed badge or not know what it means.
  6. It can be confusing to navigate. Looking for and comparing products and categories is not as easy as in other marketplaces.

9. What is Amazon Renewed’s warranty policy?

Amazon Renewed offers a 90-day warranty on all their refurbished products, with a one-year satisfaction guarantee for premium products.

Additionally, the Amazon Renewed Guarantee provides customers with specialist support for technical issues and troubleshooting at no cost, as well as a single point of contact with customer service.

It also gives customers a satisfaction guarantee, offering them a full refund or replacement for the product if they are unsatisfied with their purchase within 90 days of receipt (or one year for Renewed Premium products).

Lastly, accidental damage or tampering with the product will not be covered, and Amazon may charge the customer the original amount if the product is not received.

10. Does Amazon Renewed offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes, Amazon Renewed offers a money-back guarantee of 90 days.

Customers who are not satisfied with their purchase (including the product not working as expected) have 90 days from the original purchase (or one year for Premium products) to return the product for a full refund or replacement.

11. Is Amazon Renewed the same as Amazon Warehouse?

Amazon Warehouse banner

No. The main difference between Amazon Renewed and Amazon Warehouse is the type of products they offer. Amazon Renewed is dedicated to selling refurbished products, while Amazon Warehouse focuses mainly on used or second-hand items.

Amazon Renewed products must pass through a rigorous inspection, testing, and cleaning process by qualified technicians to ensure they are in like-new condition. The Amazon Renewal Guarantee backs all their products for at least 90 days after delivery.

Conversely, Amazon Warehouse products have a right to return, but they have a different warranty than Renewed products, although all of them are fully functional.

Amazon Warehouse products are categorized into Like New, Very Good, Good, and Acceptable conditions, which have an impact on the price:

Condition nameProductPackagingAccessories
Used – Like NewPerfect cosmetic conditionMay bear some damageEssential accessories
Used – Very GoodPossible minor cosmetic imperfections from limited useMay arrive with damaged packaging or have been repackagedMay be missing non-essential accessories
Used – GoodPossible wear and minor cosmetic damage from moderate useMay arrive with damaged packaging or have been repackagedMay be missing some valuable accessories (shown in description)
Used – AcceptableClear signs of usage and may have cosmetic damagesMay arrive with damaged packaging or have been repackagedMay be missing some valuable accessories, components, or spare parts (shown in description)

12. How does Amazon Renewed compare to its competitors?

Amazon Renewed is a great option for shoppers looking for high-quality refurbished and pre-owned items at discounted prices.

The most significant benefit of Amazon Renewed compared to its competitors is that shoppers can trust that the products they receive are of the highest quality, as Amazon Renewed inspect and test them, and offer a guarantee for at least 90 days. Everything is under the umbrella of a powerful brand with a familiar UX.

Additionally, shoppers can take advantage of Amazon’s promotional tools and powerful fulfillment system, which offers fast and reliable shipping and returns. The selection of products offered through Amazon Renewed is highly curated by experts, and, in contrast to some of its competitors, Amazon Renewed requires sellers to adhere to strict standards, and the products must be inspected and tested by Amazon-qualified suppliers before they can be listed, offering ease of mind.

13. How much money can you save with Amazon Renewed?

It depends on the product, the brand, the availability, and the specific deal, but you can save up to 50% of the product’s original price and even more. It’s also good news that you can get free shipping with most orders over $25.

To illustrate these discounts, don’t hesitate to check out all refurbished iPhones available on Amazon in real time below:

It’s worth noting that Amazon Renewed also offers limited-time coupons to save even more on your next purchase. If you go to the Amazon Renewed main page, the See all Renewed deals button will show you all available deals at the moment.

Amazon Renewed coupons and deals

14. Which Apple products are available on Amazon Renewed?

Refurbished Apple products have a high demand because of their over-the-top performance, design, durability, support, and ecosystem. The good news is there’s no limit to the Apple devices you might find on Amazon Renewed. Specifically, you can currently buy:

  1. iPhones
  2. iPads
  3. MacBooks
  4. iMacs
  5. Apple Watches
  6. AirPods
  7. Apple TV

The exact products are subject to availability, and newer releases can be harder to find. Most Apple products on the Amazon Renewed store are at least a year old, similar to what happens with other professional refurbishers. International buyers may need to shop for their particular country as some products don’t ship overseas.

Takeaway: is Amazon Renewed reliable in 2023?

Yes, Amazon Renewed is reliable in 2023 due to Amazon’s professional refurbishment process, 90-day minimum warranty, hassle-free return policies, a great number of deals, excellent user experience, clear cosmetic conditions, 24/7 live chat options, and affordable prices.

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