How (and Why) You Should Buy a Refurbished iPhone

Shopping for a new iPhone is exciting and fun, but it can also be a little stressful and frustrating. You want to ensure that you’re getting the perfect phone for yourself without breaking the bank. And, if you’ve ever purchased a new Apple product before, we’re sure you know how easy it is to break the bank!


The first thing you should probably do is decide what model iPhone you want. You could choose an older model, the current model, or wait for a brand new model to come out. Once you have the model (and color) chosen, you can think about the storage size that you need and any accessories that you may want with it.

This can add up fast.

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Hopefully you know a little bit about buying refurbished Mac and iPad products. If not, we highly recommend checking out some of our other blog posts and see just how much money you could be saving without sacrificing anything.

The iPhone is a little unique, compared to most refurbished Apple products. Because Apple doesn’t actually sell refurbished iPhones themselves. There’s a couple of reasons for this. First of all, if they sold refurbished iPhones, it would decrease their profits. Between 2007 and 2014, Apple sold over 500 million iPhones. They clearly have no trouble selling brand new iPhones, so if they were to sell refurbished iPhones themselves, it would hurt their margins since refurbished products sell for significantly less than the retail price of a brand new product.

Furthermore, Apple holds on to their refurbished phones so that if you’re phone breaks and you need a new one, you have access to your exact device and don’t need to wait or switch to a different model. Not many people even know that Apple is giving you a refurbished device when you get your device replaced! Your broken device will then be refurbished by Apple and given to another customer when their phone breaks.

This means that although you can’t directly purchase a refurbished iPhone from Apple, there are many other third-party options, who sell certified refurbished iPhones.


So if you want to ensure that you’re getting the best deal, here are some tips when shopping for a refurbished iPhone:

  • When shopping from a third-party store, always check to see if the store offers a warranty on your product. In the unfortunate event that the phone doesn’t work, you want to ensure that you can still get your money back. Try to find a company that offers at least 30 days. It is good to make sure that the product can actually be returned if you change your mind on your purchase!

  • Check out major stores like Best Buy and Amazon. These are reputable companies that will give you security for your purchase. But, the savings from the original retail prices likely won’t be as great as many other refurbishers offer.

Best Buy and Amazon refurbished iPhoneBest Buy and Amazon are trustworthy, but don’t always have the lowest pricesCredit:

  • Look out for smaller refurbishers. There are plenty of lesser known brands, such as JemJem and Gazelle, that sell refurbished iPhones that will save you more money than you would think.

  • Thoroughly read reviews for each refurbisher. You should check both the reviews for their refurbished products, and for the company as a whole. If a company has a bad reputation in general, you may not have a good experience buying from them.

  • Compare prices! You’ll find a variety of price ranges for refurbished iPhones, so make sure that you’re always looking for the lowest price, as long as you trust that the product will deliver on quality.

As you can probably tell, we’re big fans of refurbished Apple products. That’s because there’s a lot to love about them. Our website actually provides consumers with the best way to shop for refurbished Apple products. And to make sure you won’t be disappointed, we only list products from trusted and certified refurbishers, such as Target, Walmart, Best Buy and Apple themselves.

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