A good tablet for kids is much different from what a good tablet for an adult must have. You want a grown-up tablet to be slim, light, and fast, while a tablet for kids needs to be cheap, robust, and scratch-resistant. The best iPad for kids needs to be affordable so that repairing or replacing one won’t break your budget and is powerful enough so they can have fun, learn, and boost their creativity. Here are four of the best iPads for kids you can get at a discounted price.

1. iPad mini 6

Release year2021
Screen size8.3″
Dimensions7.69 × 5.3 × 0.25 in (195.4 × 134.8 × 6.3 mm)
Weight0.65 pounds (293 grams)
Storage64GB, 256GB
PriceStarting at

The iPad mini 6 of 2021 is one of Apple’s best smaller tablets and is significantly improved from its predecessors. It is one of the most robust, premium-feeling, and affordable tablets on the market. It’s now 8.3 inches compared to the 7.9 inches of the previous iPad mini 5.

The tablet also boosted its storage, allowing 256GB storage capacity in both Wi-Fi and cellular variants. Furthermore, the A15 Bionic processor of the iPad mini 6 offers superb performance that has nothing to envy to more premium models.

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2. iPad Air 5

Release year2022
Screen size10.9″
Dimensions9.74 × 7.03 × 0.24 in (247.6 × 178.5 × 6.1 mm)
Weight1.02 pounds (461 grams)
Storage64GB, 256GB
PriceStarting at

The iPad Air 5 is a feat of engineering that pushed the limits of what makes a premium slate. The beautiful 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display is a work of art, and the tablet is thin, elegant, and speedy, with a solid battery life. The addition of Apple’s M1 chip makes it one of the fastest tablets in the market. If you want an iPad that can act as an entertainment zone and a learning tool for your kids, this is the one.

3. iPad 10

Release year2021
Screen size10.9″
Dimensions9.79 x 7.07 x 0.28 in (248.6 x 179.5 x 7.5 mm)
Weight1.05 pounds (477 grams)
Storage64GB, 256GB
PriceRefurbished starting at

The iPad 10 of the original lineup has a 10.9-inch Liquid Retina beautiful display with Apple’s True Tone technology. It’s a good value for money since it’s not as expensive as the latest iPad Pro and Air models but still offers quite good performance due to its A13 Bionic chip inside. This release retains the traditional Home button some users still prefer and has up to 10 hours of battery life.

4. iPad 8

Release year2019
Screen size10.2 inches
Dimensions9.8 × 6.8 × 0.29 in (250.6 × 174.1 × 7.5 mm)
Weight1.08 pounds (490 grams)
Storage32GB, 128GB
PriceStarting at

The iPad 8 is built with the A12 Bionic chip inside, a significant upgrade over the previous generation. The large 10.2-inch screen is also a good choice for kids who enjoy playing video games, watching YouTube videos for kids, and even doing school work. Plus, the regular iPad has the Smart Connector, allowing support for the Apple Smart Keyboard and other iPad accessories. It’s an affordable yet great choice for your kids and compatible with iPadOS 16 to use the most recent apps.

How to choose the best iPad for kids

There are some factors to consider before getting an iPad for your kids.


Knowing the iPad dimensions and screen sizes is key to a good purchase and essential for your kids so they can handle and carry it without dropping it.

Young children may be unable to lift and manipulate an iPad with a screen size larger than 10.9 inches, while pre-teens could be more susceptible to tiny screens.


Before buying an iPad for your kids, it is a good idea to set a budget beforehand. Some high-end iPad models may be more versatile, which could be a good investment if several of your children share the device.

However, if budget is your constraint, going the refurbished route is for you. You can look into the pricier iPad models with larger hard drives and faster processors for a discounted price and the same functionality.


Choosing the best tablet for your child is easier if you are assured of its intended purpose. Before buying, consider whether the tablet will be used for learning tasks or entertainment. Keep in mind that older kids might need to use the tablet to search for information for homework or school research projects.

Pre-teens might even want to use the tablet for beginner coding and programming activities.

Teens might also want to use the tablet to boost their creativity and watch videos.

Drawing on an iPad

Why choose an iPad for your kids

As parents know, kids have a thing with dropping, breaking, and sitting on something. Therefore, durability must be the center of your buying decision, and the iPad can undoubtedly be the best tablet for kids.

Luckily, iPads are built to be robust, durable, and a good choice for kids due to their excellent selection of apps for children and parental controls with screen time management.

The parental controls can block apps, filter content, and prevent undesired purchases. And, with the increase in online classes around the world, parents need a kid-friendly tablet they can rely on safely. The iPad can also improve learning outcomes for children with disabilities.

In any case, you should give the tablet to your kids with a protective case. You can also think about repurposing an old iPad your kids will not use anymore if they get tired of it or if you get a new model.

Conclusion: buy the best iPad for kids with a discount

Buying a refurbished iPad for your kids will make you save money while receiving a product with the same functionality as a brand-new one, warranty included.

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Happy buying!