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What Sort of Apps Will Drain Your Year-Old iPhone Battery?

Apple’s iPhone series shines in a lot of aspects, but the company has yet to solve one of handset’s main problems: battery life. The evidence is apparent when iPhones turn a year old, leading many to believe in conspiracy theories about the company’s tactics. The US government have already inquired and demanded an explanation for the flagged batteries, but so far the company’s response to the matter remains unsatisfactory.

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a new iPhone, RefurbMe’s suggestion is to buy a refurbished unit. They are much more affordable and won’t give you aging battery problems. Another tip is to maintain your battery quality by avoiding or lessening the use of any apps that easily drain power. With so many apps available, it pays to know which types are heavy on battery use.

Here are the apps that can worsen your battery’s condition:

Social Media and Messaging Apps

Apps like Facebook, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp, are usually the culprits to an iPhone’s short battery life, primarily because people use them more often than other types of apps. As a solution, iPhone Life Magazine suggests deleting your social media apps entirely, and simply use Safari to login. After logging in, you can tap the share icon, and then add the page to the home screen. This method allows you quick access to your social media accounts without using the energy-draining social media apps.

Apps that Use Location Services

Apps that have access to your device’s location heavily drains your battery power as well. While the feature is necessary for navigation apps, it’s not always needed for the rest, such as the App Store, Yelp, and Photos. Columnist Jennifer Jolly states you should never leave apps on Always when it comes to location services. What you can do is narrow down those that use location and turn off the rest. Furthermore, you can set the remaining apps to only access your location when they are opened or in use.

Graphics-intensive Game Apps

It’s no secret that mobile games with detailed graphics burn a lot of your iPhone’s energy. Some of the most popular games are guilty of this: Angry Birds, Candy Crush Saga, Clash of Clans, and the recently released PUBG Mobile.

However, not all games use up a lot of power, which is why the best solution is to stick to games that aren’t graphics-intensive. enumerated some fun games that don’t eat up battery charge, including the cute puzzle game A Good Snowman is Hard to Build, and the beautifully designed Euclidean Lands. Another option is to look for apps that host a lineup of small games, so you don’t need to download multiple apps. For instance, the Foxy Casino iPhone app features a library of mini-games, all of which have minimal graphics requirements. Having a collection of games in one app is useful if you want to take care of your phone’s battery.

Nevertheless, while these measures prove handy, the best solution is still to have your battery or your phone refurbished, so you won’t feel the need to buy a new iPhone. Start with browsing through RefurbMe’s catalogue of affordable refurbished phones.