Let’s face the facts: your iPhone battery desperately needs to be replaced. If it’s more than a year old, odds are it’s no longer properly holding a charge, leaving you frustrated and constantly stressed that you phone may suddenly die in the midst of something important.

There’s no way around it – you need to replace your iPhone’s battery as soon as possible. But the usual way to do so is rather daunting. How can you fix your battery without the hassle of going to the Apple Store?

The Hidden Costs of Battery Replacement

By now, we’ve all heard the news about Apple’s $29 battery replacement options for older iPhones. Sound too good to be true? That’s because it is. The hidden catch with the $29 battery replacement at the Apple Store is the tremendous inconvenience that it causes.

From the long lines, crowds and difficulty booking an appointment, to the sheer wait time required for the parts to be in stock (which can take up to several weeks!), going to the Apple Store could easily take up a large quantity of your time. If only there was an easier option – after all, you’re an important person with a busy lifestyle and cannot afford to wait that long for a battery replacement. But, you need to get one soon, so what are your options?

Buy a Refurbished iPhone

If your faulty iPhone battery has you thinking about buying a new phone altogether, buy a refurbished one! Refurbished iPhones are much more affordable than brand new ones, so you won’t have to deal with an aging battery.

RefurbMe offers tons of certified refurbished iPhones with the same functionality as new products at a fraction of the price, such as a 16GB iPhone 6 for only $399. You can order one online to avoid the dreaded battery replacement process at the Apple Store. Most refurbished iPhones have a new battery and will last as long as a new phone.

You can still get some cash from your old device by sending it to SellYourMac. It’s the smoothest way to recycle your device.

Try Puls

If you want to fix your old phone before buying a new one, or want to keep your existing phone, there’s another option. What you really need is a battery replacement service that comes to you wherever you are. Ideally at work, the gym, or your home, for a quick, in and out service.

Believe it or not, this option exists. For simple, straightforward phone repairs and upgrades, look no further than a startup called Puls.

No matter your specific issue you’re facing, whether it’s the need for battery replacement, fixing a shattered screen, or something else, you can book a phone repair with Puls for convenient phone repair that comes to you.