Apple’s computers are known to last, have a beautiful design, and offer outstanding performance. If you want one but wish to save money, buying refurbished MacBooks is worth it. Furthermore, with the release of the new MacBook Air and a MacBook Pro with a custom ARM-based M2 chip, more options are now available. We have curated a list of the best refurbished MacBooks to fulfill all your needs in 2023 without spending more than needed.

Why should you buy refurbished MacBooks?

Any fine laptop should offer the right balance between performance, long battery life, and a comfortable keyboard and trackpad at a reasonable price. With Apple’s own processors, the current M1 and M2, you now have the advantage of experiencing massive performance and battery life improvements to MacBooks. So, if you’re after the Apple experience without wanting to spend the usual price, you could opt for buying refurbished MacBooks instead.

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Refurbished MacBooks are not much different from new ones. For instance, MacBooks officially refurbished by Apple have been restored to complete working condition, have the same quality standards as factory-new products, and are almost indistinguishable from brand-new ones. Rest assured, when you buy a refurbished Apple product, it will be 100% functional.

Let’s quickly compare the differences between buying a refurbished MacBook from a third-party seller, in the Apple Store, and purchasing a brand-new item.

Refurbished MacBook sold by a third-party sellerRefurbished MacBook sold by Apple StoreNew MacBook sold by Apple Store
PriceFrom 5% to 90% discounted price, depending on the model and year of manufacturing.Apple-certified refurbished MacBooks come at a discounted price of a minimum of 15%.Full price. It can go on sale occasionally. 
WarrantyThird-party sellers can have different warranty conditions.Apple-certified refurbished devices come with a 1-year warranty and are eligible for AppleCare+1-year warranty and are eligible for Apple Care+.
Battery & cosmetic conditionThird-party seller refurbished devices may not replace the battery if it is not flawed.
The cosmetic conditions of the device are classified with Grade A (Excellent), Grade B (Good), and Grade C (Fair). 
Apple-certified refurbished MacBooks come with a new battery. The MacBook is “like new,” with genuine Apple replacement parts as needed.Factory sealed
Included accessoriesA refurbished MacBook always comes with its charger. No other accessories are included unless specified.The device will come with all accessories and cables.Includes all the authorized accessories. 
Return policy & shippingMost sellers have free shipping and 30 days return policy.Most sellers have free shipping and 30 days return policy.Free shipping. The return policy depends on the seller. The Apple Store gives you a 14 days return time, whereas Amazon offers 30 days.

5 refurbished MacBooks worth buying in 2023

Whether it’s the best MacBook for first-time Apple users or a MacBook for its enthusiasts, there is plenty of them to choose from in different shapes, sizes, and prices.

The following are the five best refurbished MacBooks we love for 2023 and beyond that can easily fit your needs and offer high durability.

MacBook Air M2 13.6″ (2022)

The all-rounder

Why buy itPowerful, thin, and light laptop
Beautiful high-quality screen
Release dateJune 6, 2022
Price (new)Starting at
Price (refurbished)Starting at
SpecsCPU: Apple M2 chip with 8‑core CPU
Graphics: Integrated 8-core/10-core GPU
RAM: 8GB/16GB/24GB unified memory
Screen: 13.6-inch 2560 x 1664 Liquid Retina display
Storage: 256GB/512GB/1TB/2TB SSD

The MacBook Air has always been an affordable option for people who need a basic MacBook with good performance and compatible size.

The M2-powered Refurbished MacBook Air of 2022 demonstrates the capabilities of Apple’s M-family chips. It transforms the Air from an underpowered entry-level option to one of the fastest laptops on the market, resulting in an unrivaled performance along with up to 18 hours of battery life. 

You can buy a refurbished MacBook Air M2 from our trusted refurbishers and compare the best prices in real-time. They all work like new ones and include a warranty.

MacBook Pro M2 13.3″ (2022)

Best performance in a compact size

Why buy itHuge battery life
Exceptional performance
Release dateJune 6, 2022
Price (new)Starting at
Price (refurbished)Starting at
SpecsCPU: Apple M2 chip with 8‑core CPU
Graphics: Integrated 10-core GPU
RAM: 8GB/16GB/24GB unified memory
Screen: 13.3-inch 2560 x 1600 Liquid Retina display
Storage: 256GB/512GB/1TB/2TB SSD

The M2 brings the MacBook Pro’s speeds and battery life to the next level. The M1 MacBook Pro was already more powerful than nearly every PC on the market at its launch, and the M2 only improves it.

Despite cramming so much power into such a slim and sleek chassis, the Pro can last up to an outstanding 20 hours. Also, with an image processing unit, the webcam has been improved from past releases (sadly, still 720p).

Without a doubt, a refurbished M2-powered MacBook Pro is definitely worth the investment. It’s one of the best refurbished MacBooks available out there.

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MacBook Air M1 13.3″ (2020)

Best value for money

Why buy itExcellent performance
Silent fanless design
Release dateNovember 10, 2020
Price (new)Starting at
Price (refurbished)Starting at
SpecsCPU: Apple M1 chip with 8‑core CPU
Graphics: Integrated 7-core/8-core GPU
RAM: 8GB/16GB unified memory
Screen: 13.3-inch Retina display
Storage: 256GB/512GB/1TB/2TB SSD

The MacBook Air M1 of 2020 was (and still is) considered one of the best MacBooks you can get. Its ultraportable, thin, and beautiful design, combined with its excellent performance, makes it a wise choice for creators, freelancers, or those who just want to have fun with their laptops.

The performance goes par with battery life since the MacBook Air M1 can last up to 18 hours, and the LED-backlit Retina display with a resolution of 2560×1600 looks just marvelous. In addition, it can run iPhone and iPad apps, and Intel-based apps work well. It’s a cheaper MacBook than the most recent M2 model, although it’s a machine as good as it gets!

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MacBook Pro M1 13.3″ (2020)

Robust and affordable

Why buy itOutstanding battery life
It can run iOS apps
Release dateNovember 10, 2020
Price (new)Discontinued (starting at $1,299)
Price (refurbished)Starting at
SpecsCPU: Apple M1 chip with 8‑core CPU
Graphics: Integrated 8-core GPU
RAM: 8GB/16GB unified memory
Screen: 13.3-inch Retina display
Storage: 256GB/512GB/1TB/2TB SSD

As an entry-level model, the MacBook Pro M1 13.3″ may seem somewhat basic at first glance. Nothing further from the truth. Apple’s M1 chip and improved RAM speed offer top-notch performance packed into the 13-inch incredibly svelte body.

The icing on the cake is the Magic Keyboard on the 16-inch model, ending a cycle of controversial keyboards on older models. You might still appreciate the fact that all models come with more storage capacity for the same price as their predecessors.

MacBook Pro 16″ (2019)

Best for big-screen lovers

Why buy itWorthy of being a workstation laptop
16-inch display with an improved keyboard
Release dateNovember 13, 2019
Price (new)Starting at
Price (refurbished)Starting at
SpecsCPU: 9th-generation Intel Core i7/i9
Graphics: AMD Radeon Pro 5300M/5500M
RAM: 16GB/32GB/64GB onboard memory
Screen: 16-inch Retina display with True Tone
Storage: 512GB/1TB/2TB/4TB/8TB SSD

With an improved keyboard, powerful speakers, and a larger, more immersive display, the new 16-inch MacBook Pro improves upon the now-discontinued MacBook Pro 15-inch model in every way that matters.

This laptop is still a good choice if you need an expansive screen, want to run Windows apps on your Mac, need the fastest MacBook with Intel processors, or need a laptop that can be used with as many as four external 4K monitors.

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Final thoughts

Refurbished MacBooks are a great way to save money so long as you choose a reputable seller with a professional restoring process. Here is where RefurbMe comes into play to help you understand which merchant offers the best deal.

With our list of refurbishers, we can give you a clear idea of what you can expect from each concerning warranty, shipping, and return policy. So, as long as you do your research, buying a refurbished MacBook is easy. In addition, you can buy any refurbished Apple device from anywhere in the world using MyUS.

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Remember that you can also create availability alerts and price alerts if the MacBook of your choice has not been refurbished yet, or if the model you want drops in price. In either case, we’ll notify you in your email instantly.

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