Back Market refurbished iPhone 6S eco friendly

Back Market’s Refurbished iPhone 6S Could Save Money (and the Planet)

In a major reveal event hosted on September 12, 2018, Apple unveiled the iPhone XS, the iPhone XS Max, and the iPhone XR. Following the launch of the iPhone X the previous year, the new iPhone XS/XS Max/XR models promised smartphone innovation as Apple has made huge leaps forward in its mobile technology.

As Apple pushes people to upgrade their handsets and pay more for its newer, higher-priced models, the company often opts to discontinue its older phones. Apple also does this to save money on production costs, only manufacturing more recent handsets which are, theoretically more popular.

Because of this, Apple has now discontinued another one of its older iPhone models. The latest phone on the chopping block? It’s the iPhone 6S, but one smartphone retailer has something to say about it.

What is Back Market’s iPhone 6S Here to Stay Campaign?

The iPhone 6S was first released in September 2015 and when it came on the scene, everyone was impressed. Some of its headline features include 3D Touch, the haptic feedback technology that allows you to preview apps and access shortcuts easily, as well as Touch ID, the fingerprint sensor that allows you to quickly and securely unlock your phone or pay for goods using Apple Pay. With its high quality, 12-megapixel camera it means that the photos you take of your friends, the landscape, or even your lunch will look impressive and Instagram-ready.

The iPhone 6S is also the last iPhone to feature a headphone jack. Apple has opted to ditch the headphone jack on its newer handsets, but if you don’t fancy Bluetooth cans or are still holding on to your wired headsets, the iPhone 6S is where it’s at.

It’s these pioneering features that have led refurbished phone retailer Back Market to be so passionate about the iPhone 6S. So much so that the retailer has even launched a new campaign called #HereToStay, hoping to keep the love for the iPhone 6S alive even as Apple discontinues it. The campaign aims to remind people of how powerful and innovative the handset was at launch (and still is, if we’re being honest) and why, despite the glitz and glamor of the iPhone XS/XS Max/XR, buying a slightly older phone is still a smart idea.

It’s not just Back Market that has voiced its support of the Apple classic, though. Chris Taylor at Mashable writes that the launch of the new models is actually a reason to hold onto his beloved iPhone 6S. The iPhone 6S is also the second most in-use iPhone in the world after the iPhone 7, according to analytics firm Mixpanel, so as an iPhone 6S owner you’d be in very good company.

Refurbished iPhone 6S price
Image via: John Tekeridis (Pexels)

How Much Does a Refurbished iPhone 6S Cost?

Back Market isn’t just suggesting that you buy a refurbished iPhone 6S out of nostalgia or to be part of a super special squad; crucially, the handset is selling at much lower prices. As of the time of writing, the retailer is selling the iPhone 6S for as low as $166.75. That’s for the 16GB, Space Gray model and it’s unlocked too meaning you can use it with a SIM card from any carrier.

It’s important to note that prices will differ based on their rating. All phones are guaranteed to work like new but they will have different ratings based on their cosmetic quality, ranging from Stallone all the way to Shiny (read our refurbished cosmetic grade primer for more information on that). All of Back Market’s offers include a six-month warranty though, meaning that whatever you pay, you can be confident that you’re protected in the unlikelihood that something goes wrong.

Why Buying a Refurbished iPhone 6S is an Eco-Friendly Option

Moreover, buying a refurbished iPhone 6S has benefits for the environment. It’s no secret that smartphone manufacturing has a huge impact on the global environment. According to a Greenpeace USA report, since 2007, 968 TWh (terawatt hours) has been used to manufacture our phones. That is almost equivalent to one year’s power supply for India!

And although Apple is now powered by 100% renewable energy, the company is still a massive contributor to environmental damage. The company had 29.5 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions in 2016 and manufacturing currently makes up 77% of its carbon footprint. Even if Apple makes massive efforts to change this, thereby reducing these figures, it means very little if people still throw Apple products away and if the company is still forced to keep manufacturing more and more new iPhones.

Speaking of throwing phones away, the United States’ Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) identifies e-waste as the fastest growing source of waste in the country. 50 million metric tons of e-waste is estimated to have been generated in 2017 which poses a serious risk to ecosystems, habitats and the health and wellbeing of both wildlife and human beings.

While it may seem like there’s no way of getting around this, buying refurbished phones can be considered a more eco-friendly option. By keeping the lifecycle of the iPhone 6S (or any smartphone for that matter) going for longer, it prolongs the time before you throw it away, letting it pollute the Earth in a landfill where it could cause damage. By buying a phone that has already been produced, it also means that you’re preventing additional manufacturing efforts, thus reducing your own personal, negative impact on the environment.

Being an Eco-Friendly, Cost-Conscious Customer Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

It’s often very difficult to be an eco-friendly customer and save money at the same time. Eco-friendly alternatives don’t often come cheap and in fact, are far more pricey than their disposable counterparts. But it doesn’t always need to be.

The refurbished iPhone 6S is a cost-saving option that helps to cut down on e-waste and environmental damage too.