What if I told you that you can pick any Apple product of your choice, for up to 50% of the price discounted – sounds a bit far-fetched, right?

Well, this is where the surprisingly overlooked world of refurbishment and certified pre-owned Apple products come in. Refurbished Apple products offer you the same quality guarantees and features that a new MacBook Pro or a new iPhone would, except they’re cheaper.

How? Why? Read on.

What Does Certified Pre-owned Mean?

A certified pre-owned product is a product that had a technical glitch, which was detected and fixed by either the manufacturer or a seller. Refurbished products mainly exist in the electronic category of products, such as laptops, tablets or phones. Refurbished products and pre-owned products have been through rigorous testing and quality check and only then made available.

The difference between refurbished Apple products and other brands is in the quality controls. There are very strict guidelines followed by Apple when it comes to selling a pre-owned Macbook Pro – they follow extensive quality checks & testing before a product goes live.

How Is It Different From A Used Macbook Pro?

A Certified pre-owned Apple product would have undergone rigorous testing and cleaning. If there were any faults, a certified pre-owned product is repaired by a skilled and qualified technician.

This is different from buying a used product. A used product doesn’t come with any guarantee and is most often sold by individuals. Even if they are sold by third-party companies, they haven’t been checked, tested and hence a fault could go unnoticed and you could risk losing money or fall prey to a scam.

A used product also doesn’t come with a warranty or with any guarantee that they will work properly. One could also be prone to potential identity theft frauds or any malicious activity as you don’t really know the person you’re buying a used Macbook Pro from. This puts you at great risk.

When you buy a used Macbook Pro, you’ll be purchasing it in the same condition, as opposed to a certified pre-owned Apple product which is working and in great technical health and comes with a warranty.

What Are The Pros and Cons Of Owning a Certified Pre-Owned MacBook Pro?

As with everything, there are various pros and cons to owning a certified pre-owned product – so too with a MacBook Pro. There’s also some stigma or misunderstanding when it comes to the words ‘refurbished’ and’ pre-owned’.

This article will help dispel some common myths while acting as a guide for you to understand the benefits and drawbacks of buying a certified pre-owned Macbook Pro.

So, without further ado – pros and cons!

PRO: You Save A LOT Of Money

One of the most obvious and important reasons for buying a certified pre-owned MacBook is that you’ll save a ton of money.

Even with fluctuating prices, you can save anything between 10%-50% while buying a refurbished Macbook Pro. If you’re in a cash crunch or just don’t want to spend a lot of money but want a MacBook Pro, then buying a certified pre-owned one is the right choice for you – point blank period.

You could be a college student or just trying to save some money, a certified pre-owned MacBook pro makes for the perfect option regardless of your choice. You could be saving a good deal of money for what’s essentially as good as a new MacBook Pro.

PRO: Quality Assurance

Certified pre-owned MacBook pros go through rigorous testing and quality check. To the untrained eye, it’s difficult to differentiate them from a new one -that’s how well they’re taken care of.

The only difference is there could be minor wear and tear, but the hardware and software are in perfect working condition. Apple makes sure to take care of any minor superficial issues as well – but, at worst, you give up a certain aesthetic polish.

CON: You Don’t Get To Choose

When buying a certified pre-owned MacBook Pro, you don’t always get the make and model of your choice. It all depends on the current availability in the Apple inventory. You might get the MacBook Pro of your dreams or you might have to settle for a different color, different model or a different variant – therein lies the real drawback of buying refurbished.

It’s a bit like buying off the lot at a dealership.

However, to hedge against this you can use RefurbMe, which will notify you when the MacBook Pro that you want goes live on Apple’s site. This ensures that you do not miss out on it and you don’t have to settle for something that you don’t want/need.

PRO: Warranty Period

Did you know that Apple offers the same warranty period for a refurbished or a certified pre-owned Macbook Pro as it does to a new one? This can be extended by three years with AppleCare as well.

Other merchants offer as well refurbished products, and everyone might provide a different warranty. For instance, with Apple, you get a 1-year warranty while Gazelle is providing 1 month.
At RefurbMe, we compare the warranty of every merchant.

CON(-ISH): The Potential of Fraud or Scam

There are many websites or individuals who claim to offer preowned MacBook Pros which are usually just quick repairs done on an old laptop. You run the risk of possible fraud or being scammed by such websites.

To avoid this, you must ensure that the product is sold by a certified refurbisher with high-quality control check and with a good warranty and return policies.

We compared all public reviews of every refurbisher listed. So that you can make sure to check the refurbisher of every merchant before you make your purchase.

Hence the “-ish”.

PRO: Environmentally Friendly

With the rising need for sustainability and making environmentally conscious decisions, a certified pre-owned MacBook Pro is a value-conscious choice. These would’ve otherwise been discarded, thus adding to our already overflowing levels of human waste.

The e-waste generated is very difficult and sometimes impossible to process. By purchasing a certified pre-owned or a refurbished MacBook Pro, not only are you saving money but also making a positive impact on the environment.

Isn’t that a cause you can easily get behind?

PRO: They Are Thoroughly Cleaned

Obviously no one wants a dirty laptop.

When you’re buying a certified pre-owned MacBook pro, you can rest assured that they are VERY clean. Not only are they cleaned externally, but the internal drives, fan, and all internal components are also cleaned. The gunk that is stuck under the keyboard is also removed.

MacBooks also go through sterilization to get rid of germs. This is a huge plus point as no one likes a dirty Mac.
Apart from light scratches here and there, there’s no gunk or anything unwanted that comes with your certified pre-owned Macbook Pro.

CON: Behind The Technology Curve

Apple releases tons of products every year – what this means for you if you’re interested in buying a certified pre-owned MacBook Pro is that you likely won’t be getting the latest specs or operating systems. Due to limited inventory and high demand, you might be forced to settle for a MacBook Pro of a significantly older model and make.

Most people are willing to let go of this downside as they are getting a good deal – and let’s face it, Apple devices have a hell of shelf life.

PRO: It Works Like a Brand New MacBook

When you’re buying a certified pre-owned MacBook Pro, you’re guaranteed to get a 100% functional MacBook.

They undergo rigorous testing and are treated to the same quality standard as a new MacBook Pro. You also get the updated macOS X – which, let’s face it, is a huge part of Apple’s appeal in the first place.

There are no shortcuts taken, especially if you buy them from a trusted source that connects you directly to Apple’s refurbished product inventory so you can choose any product available at the moment.

PRO: You can get it directly by Apple Store

If you rather pay a bit more than third party refurbishers, you have the option to get a refurbished MacBook Pro directly from the manufacturer.

This is not a well advertised section from the Apple store – Apple sells refurbished MacBooks Pro and theses products get the same treatment as new products: 1-year warranty (extensible  to 3 years with AppleCare), that means that if you have any issue with your product, you can go the nearest Apple Store.

This eliminates any third-party intervention thus guaranteeing you a safe, trusted and certified pre-owned MacBook Pro.

Looking for your next Apple product? Buy Refurbished.

Buying any piece of technology comes with a risk. Your brand new MacBook Pro is just as prone to unknown damage as a certified pre-owned one is. It could very well stop functioning within 5 minutes of using it – such is the nature of tech products. They all come with a varying level of risk which a consumer inadvertently takes.

However: this shouldn’t stop you from saving some money among other benefits that come with buying a pre-owned MacBook Pro.

What would you do next? You wouldn’t throw away your brand new MacBook Pro, would you? You’ll make use of the warranty provided and get it repaired. This is essentially what a refurbished laptop is. In both cases, as pointed above, Apple provides a 1-year warranty, which is really all you need to get your money’s worth.

Ultimately, you’re given the same level of service that anyone else is entitled to. Specifically for a MacBook Pro, there is no limited warranty if you buy it from Apple (the same can’t be said from unverified sources).

The decision of buying a certified pre-owned Macbook pro depends entirely on you and your needs. The points above are generalizations based on our customers, but they’ll hopefully act as a guide when purchasing anything online, especially a refurbished or a pre-owned product.

Final Toughts

One important thing to take into consideration while buying a certified pre-owned MacBook Pro is that you have to buy it from a trusted source. There are plenty of websites that sell refurbished and pre-owned products, but they lack proper certification and authenticity.

For instance, if you use RefurbMe, it’s not a reselling website – instead, it connects you to the official Apple website which has the product inventory. This way, you’re not only assured of an authentic and certified pre-owned Macbook Pro, but you can also make use of services like setting product alerts, getting great discounts and more.

Going through proper channels like RefurbMe ensures that you get an authentic product in your hand which has passed through proper testing and service by official sources and is not a quick backyard fix – which people often fall prey to.