Refurbished Macbook Air

Refurbished MacBook Air: Good Idea To Buy or not?

The idea of buying a refurbished MacBook Air is an increasingly popular one. In general, you can expect to save some serious $$$ by owning a high-quality product at an incredibly low price.

Apple has strict structures and policies in regard to refurbished goods. The MacBook is no exception. The refurbs are a mirror of new Macs from the shell to the battery – and of course, we’re not forgetting the software.

Refurbished Macbooks have a warranty of one year just like the new models. What’s more, the savings are superb, yet users get the same value as a new Mac. We previously covered details about things to know about buying refurbished in general, we’ll expound on the refurbished Apple products in this article, and whether it’s a good idea to buy a refurbished MacBook Air.

Benefits of buying a refurbished MacBook Air

It’s pretty common to hear refurbished Apple products cited as a budget way to enter the Apple ecosystem. The truth of the matter is, these products are actually pretty hard to come by. Therefore, one has to keep checking to grab one. One of the main benefits of this entry-level Mac laptop is its convenient size.
Nonetheless, Apple routinely launches new models, and shortly after, refurbished versions are released.
The concept of the Apple MacBook is no different from that of any other product, like the TV. When customers return these products, they’re repaired to meet the quality standards of new MacBooks.

Quality Standards

Some people have a fallacy that the best MacBook is the most expensive computer in the store. They’ll simply walk away at the mere mention of a refurbished product. Their sentiments are understandable; after all, not all companies’ have quality standards that can match those of Apple.
The stigma may also be due to horror stories of previous users who have bought used products that didn’t meet their expectations.
The refurbished Macs undergo testing for the hardware and the internal software. It’s a clean machine with the internal free of dust and the external sparkling clean free of contamination. Refurbished macs also come with a 100% money-back guarantee that ensures users value for money.
Besides, users will shop with confidence since it’s been reconditioned to factory standards and comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty. Every Mac has a serial number that differentiates it from a new Mac. It’s easy to identify a new Mac from a refurbished one by clicking on the Apple icon on the screen.


Typically, a new MacBook will cost an arm and a leg, and this makes it an exclusive product out of reach for most people. Users may jolt at the mere thought of ordering for such products, and that’s why Apple introduced the refurb line for their best selling products.
The refurbished option is a valuable consideration for those people who’d want to invest in a renowned brand as a guarantee of quality yet at a low price.
For this reason, the price of the refurb Mac is lower when compared with a new one. Whether one has a small budget or is looking for a smashing deal, the refurb Mac comes at an unbelievably low price.
Nonetheless, the price is affected by other factors such as the version. Older versions cost considerably less when you compare with the latest trendy MacBooks.


One reason why people buy the refurb Mac is the packaging which is a true copy of a brand new MacBook Air. The only difference you’ll encounter is that the refurb box is clearly labeled as “refurbished” while the new MacBook box spots the classic white color.
So don’t fret – buying refurbished still gives you that classic Apple unboxing experience.

Cons of buying a refurbished MacBook Air

Whereas the benefits of the refurbished MacBook give one a reason to buy, there are some downsides as highlighted below.

Fewer stores stock the refurbished MacBook

One obstacle to refurbished Macs is their limited availability. It’s not easy finding a refurb MacBook. Very few stores supply them, and they typically sell out instantly.

Although one may also find super deals from online stores such as Best Buy, they’re not like ordinary items where one just picks and buy. The inventory is subject to the rate of customer returns.
When buying from other dealers, you should pay attention not to buy a used Mac since they’re sold alongside the refurbished options.
A better option is to use RefurbMe, which allows you to receive alerts when Apple stocks the MacBook in their online store.

Limited choice

A customer doesn’t have the luxury of choice when buying a refurbished Macs, which are only available after the launch of new products.
For the old MacBook models, that should not be a problem. However, for the modern and sophisticated models, you’ll have to wait for when the refurbished enter the market scene. This makes shopping for refurbished devices tough, because you either have to wait for different products or choose from a very limited selection.

Outdated products

The refurbished Macs may be out of date; for instance, it’s common to find old stocks at the suppliers’ websites. However, you don’t need to worry about being misled. Apple takes the trouble of informing their clients about the make of the product and year of manufacture.

Warranty period

There’s usually a concern about the warranty period. Some suppliers may give you a shorter warranty when compared with the new Macs.
Some go the extent of providing longer warranties on the hardware where the buyer pays. Regardless, there are good warranty options available, it just requires being diligent when buying refurbished from third-party sellers.

Apple maintains the quality of the refurbished MacBook Air by replacing the defective parts with brand new original parts. While there are certainly some drawbacks to going the refurbished route, it’s almost always worth it – the cost savings you get for a device that’s virtually identical to a brand new one is astounding.

To mitigate some of the drawbacks, at RefurbMe we allow you to stay on top of the market of refurbished goods so you can buy on your own terms – rather than waiting for new supply, or the next big product launch.